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How to have perfect wedding ceremony in winter

 Do you find it very romantic to have a wedding in winter? Imagining such a scene:You and your lover will hold a wedding in the snowy winter and will be very impressive.However there are a few inevitable issues that go hand in hand with weddings held during the winter. Here are a few tips to make your winter wedding fabulous.

  • Choose the color the dress

Traditionally, white red and green are the choice of most couples. But if it ’s snowing,white tends to blend in and get lost.Choosing red or green will not give a fresh feeling in winter wedding. so having pops of colour will create vibrant winter wedding photos.Try using your favorite colors to create a palette that is unique to you.If you love pastels, consider hues with frosty undertones to compliment the seasonality of your wedding date.Similarly,Including some simple accessories for color is also a good way.For example, replace monotonous white flowers with brown ones.

Try to choose the tones of berry red, burgundy, black and gold.Even a little tartan adds extra apathy and romance.

  • keep warm

The most important thing for a winter wedding is keeping warm. You can try to choose a slightly thicker wedding dress during the winter wedding. If it’s very cold you can thick tights under your wedding dress. Don’t care! nobody will know. In addition,don’t forget your bridesmaids and your guests will be cold too. Gift your girls a cozy faux fur shrug.To keep the bridesmaids warm during the photos and throughout the ceremony,and the warm gloves are also a good choice.Consider making an effort to ensure your guests are kept warm and cheery once they arrive. A hot drink on arrival is a nice and simple idea.Provide blankets, wraps or both for guests.The softer the blanket, the better!

  • Make beauty preparations in advance

In winter due to cold weather, it is very prone to chapped lips and dry skin.Keep lips and skin moist before the wedding, use good facial moisturizer and lip balm.And carry your lip balm and moisturizer in your clutch that day.

  • Venue layout

If possible, hold ceremonies and receptions at one or more places close to each other. This will make transportation easier if the weather is bad.Dress up your room carefully. You can decorate your room with warm elements to add a touch of warmth to the cold winter. For example,add romance With Candles(It will be dark quite early. Embrace it with lots of romantic candle light in both your ceremony and reception space),Winter Cake Toppers(For a subtle winter wedding touch get yourself a cute winter cake topper).

  • Choice of shoes

You’d better prepare two pairs of shoes in winter wedding. If you only prepare a pair of high heels.You can easily get stuck in the mud or snow when you take photos outdoors.Boots can be a stylish and practical bridal shoe choice, especially when it rains.

  • receive your guests well

If you want to receive lines, please schedule in advance so that guests do not stay outside.If your ceremony space has a large enough entrance or foyer, you can wait there and invite guests to greet you after the ceremony. Please arrange your guests as soon as possible, so as not to make your guests tremble outside the door.Do Create a Cozy Reception Space.There are plenty of ways to make your reception an inviting space.Place candles indoors for a romantic atmosphere. To play up the theme, arrange fire pits outside or have a custom hot chocolate or hot toddy bar inside.

  • Set a detailed photo schedule

It gets dark much earlier in the winter so adjust your photo schedule for more light. So don’t forget a Detailed Photo Schedule. You can coordinate a beautiful day with your photographer.Taking portraits before your ceremony is often a good idea.Keep in mind that in some parts of the world, the sky dims earlier in the day, so work with your supplier to create a schedule to make it suitable for the right lighting.

  • Don’t ignore the possibility of the weather

In winter, the weather can be unpredictable, so it is important to have an alternative plan in bad weather.Please inform your guests about the weather precautions in advance. And arrange transportation for your guests from the ceremony to the reception, or provide them with local car services to help them travel between venues. Be sure to keep in touch with your ceremony and reception site on-site coordinator to discuss any knowledge you need to address about the bad weather on your wedding day.

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