Thursday, August 26, 2021

Our Go-To Gift Ideas to Give your Bridesmaids

Through all of the highs and lows of planning the wedding, your bridesmaids are probably the people who are there through everything. While they don’t expect you to, show your gratitude by gifting several essentials to assist them to ease using your big day. Here’s our visit gift ideas to provide your bridesmaids!


Your bridesmaid’s look isn’t complete with no final touches! Pick out an ideal pair of earrings - or perhaps a hair piece!

We’ve paired our bridesmaids dresses with details by Olive + Piper. These subtle elements pull your wedding party looks together and provide them a keepsake to consider your special day!


Through all of the planning, all of the stress, and all of the times of celebration, your bridesmaids happen to be your rock. Go above and beyond to exhibit your appreciation by buying their bridesmaid dress! Revelry Real brides love our gift certificate options to remove a little bit of burden of bridesmaid dress shopping!


For those who have been a bridesmaid, you realize you NEED matching robes! Not only do they've created a unified look through the “getting ready” photos - they’re also just cute!

Another great choice is getting matching pj sets, which may be worn once again!


As a bridesmaid, slippers were once gifted in my experience during the bachelorette weekend. Not only did we wear these round the AirBnb, but we also ensured to bring them whilst getting ready for the special day! They make an excellent gift for the bridesmaids to walk round the bridal suite whilst getting ready - don’t forget to obtain yourself a pair too!

Just such as the matching pj sets - this is an excellent gift you can use even after the wedding!


It’s likely to be a long day, hydration is important But we won’t judge in case your bridesmaids prefer to fill this tumbler with wine to celebrate!


The biggest saving grace through the night has your lip product at your fingertips. Through all of the smiling, talking, eating, and dancing - the strongest lip stain can continue to reach its limit. Gift her shade she’s likely to wear to create touching up seamless!


You can’t provide a gift with no gift bag! Don’t be satisfied with a normal gift bag from Target. Give a reusable tote, or if you’re feeling extra luxurious, a purse! You have a spot to store your bridesmaids gifts as well as your bridesmaids can reuse them.


Let’s face the facts, planning for a wedding is hard. Sometimes it is really the thought that counts, as well as your bridesmaids understand! There are so many great pre-made gift boxes, especially targeted for bridesmaids, open to purchase. You can even colorize it for you by hand writing a note to create it more personal!

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