Saturday, October 30, 2021

Bridesmaid Dress Tips From Vivian Diamond

In the Fall/Winter edition of Wedding Dresses, Dessy Group designer Vivian Diamond offers some suggestions on searching for bridesmaids' dresses.

1) Start by considering bridesmaids' dresses when it comes to style and an amount look good in your friends.

2) Pre-shop for bridesmaids' dresses before you decide to present styles for your attendants. A website like makes this task a cinch!

3) Select five styles and colors of bridesmaid gowns and test them out on one of the attendants.

4) Narrow it right down to one style and 2 color options of bridesmaids' dresses.

Why trust Diamond's advice? The Dessy Group just celebrated its 70th year within the wedding industry, creating probably the most fabulous bridesmaids' dresses you will find anywhere. Happy Anniversary!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Finding any dress that matches your body type can be challenging, to begin with, now add the truth that it is your wedding gown, the actual challenge begins. Where would you start? When you have a concept in mind concerning the dress you would like for your big day, be sure you keep in your mind that your potential dress is flattering to the body type.

While I have never really considered my physique with regards to my future wedding gown, I have a specific style in my mind, but I am certain that like several other brides available, I will go the opposite direction than what I am thinking.

For the Busty Bride:

Find an outfit that has a scooped neckline that won't show an excessive amount of cleavage. If you choose to opt for a strapless dress choose one which has a slight dip within the neckline. Don't choose the straight neckline if you're a busty bride.

For the Small-Chested Bride:

Look for an outfit that has a bodice with extra fabric on top. This will complete the upper portion of the body and create a balance with the remainder of your curves.

For the Pear-shaped Bride:

A dress that flares in an A-formation is a flattering selection for this physique. It will highlight your midsection, it's not going to draw attention to your hips and thighs. A spaghetti-strapped bodice or V- neckline will showcase a torso.

For the Plus-Sized Bride:

You may wish to look for an outfit that has an empire waistline. The skirt from the dress should start just below the bust and flow right into a gradual floor-length A-line. The empire waistline shouldn't start in the chest there should be no pleating within the fabric. The dress should flatter your figure.

For the Apple Shaped Bride:

Find an outfit that has a lower neckline that will draw attention to the upper body area. Necklines which are V-neck or sweetheart are two perfect options. A dress that will snap within the smallest point around the waistline and flare out into an A shape is a good choice. Choose an outfit with a heavily textured bodice. A fabric-like lace is effective here, it'll give fit you tightly and provide you with a corset-like effect.

For the Tall Bride:

Find an outfit that will emphasize you're natural figure with every aspect of the gown. Choose an outfit with a lower waistline along with a hemline that's floor-sweeping. A dress that reflects your longer proportions is a good choice.

For the Petite Bride:

You will need a trumpet covering having a modified A-line gown for those who have a petite figure. Find a style having a waistline that's above the natural waistline to create the lower half of the dress appear longer.

A friend of mine explained when she was looking for an outfit, she said she thought it was likely to be an easy task, but she discovered that many of the dresses were for tall ladies and it was hard to remotely get a concept of what you look for in an outfit that fits.

After the marriage is over, you may wish to be happy with the option you made together with your gown. This is the eventually you get to seem like a princess, so choose wisely!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Finding The Right Bridesmaid Dress She Will Wear Again

When searching for potential bridesmaid gowns for her girls, a bride usually wants her maids so that you can wear the gown again. Is it always true? No. Most bridesmaid gowns aren't worn again, but that does not have to be the situation if the bride is conscious of what she picks out on her maids.

Brides: Start by bringing a number of your girls along with you, if not completely, to choose their dresses. Have all of them pick a dress that likes and then choose which dress looks best on everyone.

FeelTimes has got the new spring line there are plenty of bridesmaid gowns that could be worn again. Pick a dress that's flattering to each girl's physique, to ensure that each of the maids may wish to wear their dress to a different function and feel at ease in it. If there is not one dress that appears good on everyone, choose a few dresses for that bridal party that works for each physique -- if you do not mind they aren't completely uniform in fashion.

Color plays a large factor, it's not all color suits everyone. It is much more likely that the maids may wish to wear their dress again if they like the color at the time of your wedding. Be alert to everyone's complexion and realize that just because you want a color does not mean it's the one you need to go for.

Speaking of color, a brand new dress in the FeelTimes Collection comes inside a myriad of colors, maybe the perfect “wear again” dress. It is a complete strapless lux chiffon dress by having an asymmetrically draped bodice and slit that's just the gown that could be worn again in colors like claret, wild berry, and stormy amongst others.

If you cannot decide on one color, choose a family of that certain color and let your maids determine which one they'd prefer to put on. Make this a choice for the uniform bridesmaid gowns. Don't rush to choose the bridesmaid gowns, take time to look at various brands. Always keep your choice in mind, and try to think about exactly what the girls may like to wear for the wedding day and afterward.

If you are in a rush to choose the right bridesmaid dress, take a look at FeelTimes' In-Stock Bridesmaid and Twist Dresses, there's a whole assortment of dresses that may be worn again to any or all sorts of functions. The girls must be comfy in their dresses, by doing this they will love them enough to put on it again. Upon choosing an outfit how it could be worn again, show your bridesmaid where alterations could be made, (possible straps for any strapless dress, cutting the hemline to create a long dress short.)

There isn't anything much better than a happy bridesmaid on a big day! You want to fit the bill yet classy for that wedding and, more to the point you want the bridesmaids to want to put on their dresses at other occasions.

Here are a handful of other dresses you might want to consider as possible wear again bridesmaid gowns which could be found on

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

10 Reasons To Have And Love A Summer Wedding

There is a multitude of reasons to possess a summer wedding. During the summertime, most people are alive and able to celebrate the growing season, so why wouldn't you have the wedding during this time of the year? Here is why we believe couples will like having a summer wedding!

1. You can possess a beach or perhaps an outdoor wedding, summertime allows the bride to be and groom more options with regards to their ceremony and reception. The couple and guests do not have to be stuck indoors. The days are longer the ones can party until morning!

2. People may have an easier time getting vacation time for you to attend the wedding. Planning the wedding near a national holiday like Independence Day or Labor Day allows guests no trouble taking time off work.

3. When it's warmer, individuals are less likely to become as hungry, to save money on food. However, you can spend more on alcohol if it's a hot summer day. One idea would be to offer an open bar offering only beer, wine, and champagne.

4. Flowers tend to be more likely to become in season during the summertime and won't be as expensive as a winter wedding may be.

5. During summertime, the elements tend to become more consistent. You aren't worried about this possibly snowing on the wedding day.

6. Attire for guests and also the bridal party could be more casual and relaxed. Your bridesmaids can wear chiffon bridesmaid gowns and your groomsmen can wear Summer Suits by FeelTimes in Khaki or Seersucker. Do bolder colours tend to be more acceptable throughout the warmer months of the season, bright fuchsia pink bridesmaid gowns? Sure!

7. During summertime, you could have lighter food options, more summer season fare. This is an area in which you may have the opportunity to save making it fun too! Mini hotdogs and sliders perhaps? During summertime, you can utilize the local outdoor farmer's markets and also have in-season vegetables.

8. Your wedding dresses theme could be more flexible during summertime; this is the chance for the pair to get creative! During summertime, fireworks will always be acceptable!

9. Shoes are a lot of fun during summertime! You can perform a gladiator sandal or perhaps a peep toe heel during summertime and the men can perform flip-flops or boat shoes for any beach wedding.

10. Happier guests! This is an advantage! Happier guests mean less anxiety for the bride-to-be and groom.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Five Different Bridesmaids, Five Different Frocks

So, you've asked four of the besties to become your bridesmaids and you've also asked a cutie to become your flower girl.

You'd just like a theme to operate through - maybe the same color - however, the thing is the fact that all your girls are very different.

One's an adolescent - but she would like to look developed. Another likes long, elegant frocks (and isn't so interested in showing her legs off). Another has great legs and appears fabulous in shorter, cocktail styles. And your other friend is gorgeously curvy.

However, would you get a glance together that will keep them all happy (looking their best)?

I'd counsel you to mismatch your bridesmaids' dresses but keep the same color theme.

For the teenager, you will find our Junior Bridesmaid styles offer style and sophistication - in the same colorways because the adult dresses however with a younger twist.

Your curvy friend will appear fantastic in a single of our bridesmaid styles designed specifically for the more generous figure.

And for that others, we've lots of long classy frocks and short sassy cocktail dresses.

And your flower girl dresses will appear pretty like a picture in a single of our flower girl styles.

I've shown a variety of dresses in only one of FeelTimes' colors - dusty blue - but you will find hundreds of choices in various shades of green, purple, pink, reds, neutrals, browns.

Take a glance and get planning what your bridesmaids are likely to wear.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Well-Endowed? Think About These Bridesmaid Necklines ...

I'd enjoy having a bit more happening in that department. You know, be a little more 'busty' - but my well-endowed girlfriends moan "you're so lucky, you can put on anything."

So I suppose it is a case of the grass always being greener.

But what in the event you wear if you have voluptuous? What sort of bridesmaid dress will appear elegant, chic, and flattering?

The classic necklines for females who have, ahem, big boobs, are V necks, scoop, and sweetheart shapes. (Although for those who have a very good strapless bra, you might look fabulous inside a strapless dress too).

The secret's to choose a frock that provides you support in which you need it - and that is worn along with a well-fitting bra.

All the styles above would look great on well-endowed girls and they're too pretty just for the one outing - they're classic styles to put on to any posh event later on.

I've selected blues in shades of periwinkle and cloudy by FeelTimes - but search through the styles available and you'll find pinks, reds, greens, purples, greys, neutrals ... and you will choose from the scoop, v neck, strapless, or sweetheart necklines to limit your choice (and there is a large amount of choice).

Why not make your style boards decide on the best necklines in your decision of frock and tell your maids? You'll find one free at feeltimes

Friday, October 22, 2021

What To Do Before You Choose Too Many Bridesmaids

It's time for you to pick your bridesmaids even though you want to have everyone you've ever known inside your bridal party, it's just not possible. So what is the next step? Well, here are a few things to consider before you send your "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" invitations.

How Many Bridesmaids Do You Want in Your Bridal Party? Do you envision a small wedding party or a large one? A good number is between six to eight bridesmaids. Pick individuals with whom you are nearest and don't pick bridesmaids since they're good organizers or leaders.

Can Your Groom Meet Your Number? You may want a big wedding party, but does your groom have that lots of men in the life who will meet the number of bridesmaids you would like? If not, you may want to consider whether you have to scale back or settle without having the same amount on both sides. While lots of weddings have experienced an uneven quantity of bridesmaid dresses to groomsmen, you might want to keep the number even on both sides. It looks better in pictures too!

Can You Deal with the Drama? Honestly, the bigger the wedding party the more headaches you might incur. Keeping it small or perhaps a decent size may relieve any unnecessary aggravation or hassle.

Who Do You Pick Anyway? As you get older, your categories of friends change or you might not be as close to members of the family as you were previously. It happens. So you can expect that whoever you're considering when you were younger, will change now that you are getting married. So do you pick? Pick people with which team you have maintained a detailed relationship with throughout all of the changes inside your life, select the bridesmaid with which team you have been along with you through everything, and not leave your side. This can be your best friend from middle school, your best friend from college, a relative with which team you have always counted on. Or it may be someone who you've just gotten near to in the last few years, you'd be surprised whom you end up choosing.

Think About the Bridesmaid Dresses: With all these girls, you've probably selected a dress too. Will all of the girls you're going to choose fit the design and style and/or color of the dress you're anticipating? Think about this, the greater girls you select, the greater you have to consider whether the color and style are useful for each bridesmaid.

Looking for nice "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" invitations? Check out our Pantone Wedding Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card, which will match any color you select for your bridesmaid gowns!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

8 Tips On How To Pick Your Bridesmaids - And Keep Everyone Happy

Choosing your bridesmaids? You’ll wish to gather the group of friends who're nearest and dearest to your heart. Your bride tribe must be first-rate since your bridesmaids won't celebrate with you on your special day, they'll also be a part of your wedding planning process. And a calm, cool, and collected planning process will make sure that these women may have your back long afterward you say "I do"!

Following these 8 key tips won't keep your bridesmaids smiling, but help you stay completely sane the entire way through.

1. Choose Your Bridesmaids Thoughtfully

There are several essential things you will wish to consider whenever you pick a bridesmaid. You'll wish to make sure each is up to the job. While making your list, pay attention to your relationship, their personality, reliability, and just how time and budget responsibilities will affect all of them.

While you may wish to pick your best ally to be your bridesmaid, it might not always be the very best idea. Your maid of honor must be efficient, cool pressurized, and organized. If your closest friend is disorganized and easily stressed, then you'd best ask someone else. (And your BFF could even be relieved!)

2. Ask Them In A Special Way

Right, right from the start it's important to build your bridal party to seem like VIP guests. Once your man pops the question for you, you're ready to get crafty with popping the question for your right-hand ladies. The best way to make sure they are feel recognized is to discover a creative method to ask "Will you be my bridesmaid?". This isn't time to text or email your besties. Instead question them in person, write a handwritten card or send all of them a little handmade gift that ties for your overall wedding theme. It's an important occasion, you have to give it the drama it deserves!

3. Make Sure Everyone Is Well Acquainted

It's fairly uncommon for everybody in your wedding party to know one another like you know all of them. Take the necessary time for you to get the group together and also have some girl time for you to get everyone well acquainted. Once everyone gets comfortable, you'll feel as if you've one tight-knit team that communicates effectively instead of a disjointed bunch. You never know, the run-up for your wedding day might spark off newer and more effective, long-lasting friendships!

4. Ask Them What They Want To Wear

A common bride’s blunder isn't asking her bridesmaids the things they would like to wear. It's wise to obtain everyone's input to help you decide what's going to best suit how well you see while making your bridesmaids feel content and confident. Be open-minded. Instead of having everyone match perfectly, pick one color and let your squad pick bridesmaid gowns that fit their specific physique. A girl who's self-conscious about her legs won't wish to wear a brief bridesmaid dress, along with a voluptuous girl may not feel at ease wearing a strapless gown. Talk to them about the things they feel comfortable in, and you’ll make sure to have confident women with you in the wedding photos.

5. Let Them Know What You Expect

Some women are bridesmaids often in their lives, plus some just once. Don't think that everyone automatically knows the duties of bridesmaids. Be in advance with your ladies about when and where you'll need their help through the many steps of planning the wedding. It's a good idea to understand to delegate and provide each bridesmaid another task that plays for their skills and strengths. Keep communicating - your girls will not be mind-readers plus they need to understand what you want and what you are after.

6. Delegate Certain Tasks To The Maid Of Honor

Your bridesmaid should function as the first in line to help you with everything you'll need. Let her undertake tasks that you simply feel she would be good at. If she's super-friendly, then allow her to be the key contact to speak with the rest of the group. If she's the creative type, then allow her to handle packaging all from the favors. While the urge to resist handing over some from the reins is going to be there, you'll feel an instantaneous relief whenever you don't have as much on your plate.

7. Realize The World Exists Outside Of Your Wedding

It's an honor to become a part of your special day, but I am not saying a bridesmaid's whole world must be turned inverted. When planning such things as dress fittings or catering appointments, acknowledge that the maids get their responsibilities that they need to tend to too. If she's a buddy you can trust, then she'll make every effort to become there for all those important decisions. Don't become that dreaded thing, a bridezilla!

8. Avoid Having Arguments

It's almost inevitable that you simply hit a minimum of a few rough points during the period of your engagement. However, the good news is that the bridesmaids know there might be several meltdowns so that they are well prepared. Don't worry if there are several moments whenever your stress levels skyrocket, it's all a part of the process. However, try to help keep yourself under control. Is a battle together with your bridesmaids well worth the fight? Try and talk things through beforehand, so they don't become the cause of a row.

Don't Forget To Say And Show How Grateful You Are

Saying thanks is by far it is important to remember to complete. On your special day, your leading ladies are going to be going above and beyond to help you stay happy. Take note of the little things they've done for you on the way, and don't forget to let them understand how much it mattered for you. Gifting your feeltimes dresses with small matching tokens as well as just handwritten cards will remind them of gratitude for a long time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Bridesmaid Dresses Your Maids Will Be Wearing To Parties Long After Your Wedding Day

Your besties are important to you - and that's why you've asked these phones to be your bridesmaids and be part of your wedding day.

So you're hard will make them wear dresses that do not flatter - ask your curvy girlfriend to go with a bias cut number that will do her no favors. Or your less well-endowed friend to put on a strapless number that frankly makes her chest seem like an empty envelope.

Oh no. You're a real friend, not a bridezilla and you are going to allow them to choose dresses that flatter and suit them - maybe just tie in the wedding theme with colors but leave the design and style, necklines and length as much as them.

bridesmaid dresses For Partying

Now, why not go a measure further and suggest some dresses that the bridesmaids love SO much, they are likely to be dying to put on them over and over after your special day and celebrations are gone. Dresses that appear to be so good, they're likely to be on full show in the next party season.

In which case you have to look at frocks such as the ones above that do not shout 'bridesmaid dress'.

Think concerning the occasions they may be worn for later on. FeelTimes' floral print frocks are available in several styles - spaghetti straps and strapless as well as other different colorways. Perfect for afternoon parties or summer evenings.

Then should you go for a dark, deep color inside a rich fabric, you will get more of a nighttime dress look. Add a diamante detail in the waist or around the shoulder for many glitzy glamors. Here you have to think about colors like black, midnight blue, forest green, berry shades, aubergine ...

Mind you, referring to glitzy glamor, you can examine out FeelTimes' new sequinned separates in rose gold, and five other colorways, in addition to dazzling dresses.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Are These The Prettiest Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves Right Now

Just sometimes, you require a bit more coverage shall we say? Maybe it's appropriate at your marriage ceremony that shoulders and perhaps arms are covered. Maybe the weather's just a little on the chilly side and also you want your bridesmaids to be just a little warmer. Maybe a number of your bridesmaids aren't too happy about revealing their upper arms.

Whatever the main reason, you may be looking for bridesmaids' dresses that have sleeves. Which is precisely what FeelTimes has created for you. Take a glance through our selection and also you'll find beautiful frocks with long lace sleeves that work seamlessly having a beautiful bodice. Or an extended flowing sleeve that's slashed in the center. Maybe you fancy floaty chiffon sleeves, which flatter the top of the arm. Or maybe you're searching for a simple cap sleeve. Or a draped sleeve that works having a high neckline.

Well, FeelTimes has everything covered. And in some beautiful fabrics too - from filmy chiffons and stylish laces, right through to soft jersey. Maybe not every one of your bridesmaids wishes to wear a sleeve. In that case, creating a glance that works throughout isn't any problem, as numerous of our gowns compliment each other perfectly. And with many in our dresses obtainable in the same shade, color matching won't be an issue. We also have some beautiful wraps which work nicely as a hide.

Which Color For You?

As for the different hues available - you can browse through gentle pastels, romantic pinks, and baby blues. Or turn to enhance your neutral palette. On another hand, if you're searching for some dazzling colors that offer vibrancy, then you will find our sleeved bridesmaid gowns in hot pinks, flame reds, and rich purples.

So Many Pretty Colors

That's because we all know that every bride includes a different vision of her very own wedding day - and thus we offer a genuine rainbow of colors that will help you make your visual dream complement.  Go

Friday, October 15, 2021

Five Tips For Picking Out A Bridesmaid Dress For Your Petite Bridesmaid

While searching for bridesmaid dresses could be tricky for just about any bride, it's especially difficult when people in your squad are vertically challenged. Fabric always appears to pool at their feet, certain dresses don't fall into line with their proportions and also the wrong silhouette could make them seem like a little kid playing liven up.

While it could be tough to find petite bridesmaid gowns for your shorter besties, it is impossible. By keeping the next six tips in your mind while you shop, you can choose the perfect dress style to flatter their smaller size making them feel at ease on your special day.

1. Know Where To Shop

Want to create dress searching for petite bridesmaids much easier? Start by shopping at locations that carry additional dress sizes past the typical 2-16.

Bridesmaids are available in all unique shapes and sizes, why limit these phones to these dress number sizes? For this exact reason, FeelTimes carries bridesmaid dress styles in sizes 00-30W to create bridesmaid dress shopping easier on everyone.

Having a one-stop-look for all your bridesmaid dresses is a huge stress-reliever, as well as a big time-saver. Plus, this makes it much easier and also hardwearing. bridal party coordinated using the exact colors and dress styles you had in your mind.

2. Pick A Style That Elongates Her Figure

For shorter bridesmaids, you need to pick an outfit style that contributes inches to their frame. Here are a few style ideas to create this illusion:

Choose an outfit with a shorter hemline or perhaps a thigh slit.

Keep the gown one color (i.e., avoid color-blocking having a two-piece dress).

Show off more skin by having a sleeveless gown or plunging neckline.

Want to enhance the illusion further? Have your bridesmaids wear elegant updos and nude heels for any lengthening effect.

3. Choose Fitted Styles

When searching for your petite bridesmaids, be skeptical of anything too billowy or oversized. Shorter gals must have fitted bridesmaid gowns; otherwise, they can easily seem like they're drowning in fabric.

If you've fallen in love with having a loose, boho-style bridesmaid dress, you can still dress your shorter bridesmaids inside a flowy style. Just make sure it nips within the waist to help keep things slightly fitted.

4. Expect Tailoring

Tailoring is virtually guaranteed for shorter people in your squad, particularly if they're wearing an extended bridesmaid dress. While this problem could be slightly helped to have a chic set of heels, your petite bridesmaid will most likely still need their dress to become hemmed.

Good news for you personally: The bride typically doesn't purchase dress alterations on her bridesmaids. However, you will still want to help keep this in your mind so that you can schedule an appointment having a good tailor and remain on track together with your wedding planning timeline.

5. Embrace Mix-And-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

One method to take the stress out of searching for petite bridesmaids is as simple as letting them pick their very own dress style. After all, they've had many years of experience searching for their petite frames. They probably understand all the tricks within the book to create themselves look taller.

Plus, choosing mix-and-match bridesmaid gowns means that every person in your squad is satisfied with what she wears. Whether your bridesmaids are petite and plus-sized or tall and lanky, most people are guaranteed to look for a gorgeous dress that matches their unique shape.

Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Petite Women

Finding a flattering bridesmaid dress for the petite bridesmaid doesn't need to become daunting. Whether she's petite by having an athletic body, busty petite, or just petite all-around, she's certain to look amazing during these bridesmaid dress styles.

A-Line Dresses — Just like your bridesmaid, A-line bridesmaid gowns will never disappoint you. This dress style is flattering on almost all body types, including petite frames.

Plunging Neckline — To elongate your bridesmaid's smaller stature, select a bridesmaid dress having a plunging neckline. The deep V-neck will accentuate the neck to produce a longer look.

Spaghetti Straps — Basically, something that shows off the neck and shoulders can help create the illusion to be tall. Spaghetti straps and sleeveless bridesmaid gowns bear the perfect amount of skin and can make your shorter ladies look incredible.

Short Bridesmaid Dresses — When in doubt, outfit your wedding party in short bridesmaid gowns. The shorter hemline will instantly add inches for your shorter bridesmaids.

Jumpsuit with Heels — Monochromatic jumpsuits could be an incredibly chic look for the entire bridal party making shorter gals look taller, but only if you select a flattering style that matches well within the waist.

Micro-Floral Bridesmaid Dresses — Big and splashy florals could be distracting on the small frame and merely aren't flattering on petite bridesmaids. Micro-florals, however, look gorgeous in your shorter besties without having to be too overwhelming.

Final Advice

Picking a bridesmaid dress for that petite people in your squad shouldn't be a large deal. The last thing you wish to do is to create them feel embarrassed with their small frame by insinuating they are difficult to look for.

If you're struggling to find the perfect fit for the bridesmaids — petite or else — you can always get in touch with a Dessy stylist for assistance. We'll help you look for a flattering style for every one of your besties that will let them shine on your big day.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Perfect Velvet Picks for the Fall Forest Wedding

Fall definitely discovered us fast, meaning it’s time for you to bust out the sweaters in the back from the closet, get some pumpkin bread from Trader Joe’s, and begin getting inspiration for the future Fall wedding.

This week, we’re showing you the way to style your Autumnal Boho Forest wedding, keeping your girls looking stunning whilst making them comfortable within the outdoor elements. We chose to go with all of the velvet as there is already this type of lush mixture of textures that will surround you inside a woodsy backdrop. Plus, a warmer material would fare well because it starts to get chillier. We chose to lean into the hues already contained in nature and showcase their beauty with these dresses.

Our Dusty Olive velvet is the best choice to match the backdrop of evergreen trees in the forest. Our Dawson style is extremely adaptable since it’s both full coverage and flattering. Try our most inclusive dresses inside a Home Try-On box and also you won’t be disappointed!

Our new Mahogany velvet goes perfectly with all of the Fall woodsy vibes. If you are right into a neutral look for the bridesmaids, this is actually the one for you. Our Skye velvet bridesmaid dress is our most popular, and for good reason. This dress enables you to feel classy and modern; it's easy, but still makes a statement. The top is extremely supportive with full coverage cups and fitted boning, draped having a gorgeous cowl neck to flatter all physical structure. The skirt is equipped having a slit on both sides, to allow for maximum ventilation and movement. We love the trend of the style and hope it doesn’t disappear anytime soon!

How could we not include some black velvet options within our palette? It’s an ideal neutral, ideal for a fall-to-winter transition, and it is just plain classy. Just because you’re opting for the outdoorsy vibe, doesn’t mean you don’t have that timeless look! Our Dylan is extremely sleek and bold, having a plunging v-neck that fits a criss-cross back. Our Gemma dress is really a more conservative option, perfect for the mother or mother-in-law. Either direction you decide to go would be stunning!

We love the Gwen dress since it is conservative, yet right for any age. Gwen is really a part of our original bridesmaid collection, so when we were designing our Mother from the Bride options, we had just how flattering it sought out both! We are showcasing Gwen in Terracotta with this mood board since it allows mom to face out in the bridesmaid dresses. If you like boho, including a hint of terracotta is really a must.

We can’t overlook the rest of the crew! We also offer matching ties to any or all our colors, to help you coordinate the men inside your bridal party perfectly. Check out their collection here!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

6 FeelTimes party dresses which have the feel-good factor

Looking to drag off an all-nighter? After the year we’ve all had, we’re eager to cut some shapes with these best mates too. However, dressing chic ought to be your number priority if you wish to make a good impression. With a lot of parties coming, we believe it’s time for you to freshen your wardrobe up. Here are some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses for striking the dancefloor.

If you want to create a big impression on arrival, you can’t do a lot more than wear an attractive bright color. Perfect for those sunny summer evenings outside, yellow is a versatile color well suited for mixing and matching. This sophisticated bodycon dress blazer design features retro slitted sleeves coupled with gorgeous mini lengths, assisting you to stay radiant through the night. Paired up with some chic white heels, you’ve got an event look to die for.

Want to face out without going too bold? Yellow is a wonderfully subtle tone that still creates an eye-popping impression. When combined with an elegant modern design, there’s without a doubt that you’ll possess the room’s full attention. Channel those contemporary vibes with this one-shoulder ruffle bodycon, which do those things right and much more.

Who doesn’t love a blooming botanical design? Floral patterns are ideal for brightening up parties (particularly in summer) and may add a ray of sunlight to the party. This daffodil yellow design is the best example, combining ruched detail with wonderfully floral jacquard print. Flower patterns are also well suited for day to night transitions and suit those memorable, spontaneous nights out.

Struggling to obtain the right color for that party? A warm light blue is a no-brainer. If you need to look cute as a button at the big party, this blue puff sleeve blazer dress is what you’re searching for. Fusing a retro puff sleeve design having a sophisticated blazer cut, our buttoned-up dress will require your turn to the next level.

If you need to take one step out of your safe place, a one-shoulder try looking in bright green will certainly help you stick out. A tufted-up, asymmetric neckline comes provides you with some cool ‘80s vibes too. Our one-shoulder mini dress yourself in green does all this and much more and can be matched up by having a variety of accessories. If you need to look extra sassy, gorgeous black heels are a perfect choice.

All parties possess a different vibe and dressing for that occasion is super important. For those more formal occasions, a jacquard bodice design having a pleated dress is a sophisticated choice. This dress adds a moody dark blue to the mix and can coat your look having a distinctive elegance ideal for those champagne parties.

Remember - getting creative together with your party look is part of the fun. We’ve got lots of bags, hats, and accessories that can give a final touch to your overall outfit. Take a look through our party dresses collection today and discover your new favorite party look.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Most people dream about a fairytale wedding. The stunning dress, the breathtaking venue, incredible menu, gorgeous flowers … Usually, the sound of credit card swipe is conveniently left out of this fantasy. But there’s you don't need to panic. You can still get your Kate Middleton vibes on while sticking with a budget. Today, you'll become a financial genius! We are going to educate you on everything you need to learn about those necessary wedding budgets.


In the United States, the typical cost of a marriage with a 150-person guest list is about $30,000. I know, I know. It sounds expensive. But, you should know that not everybody spends much. Some people spend a lot more (see: Chelsea Clinton’s $5 million reception in New York), that is probably why the type is so high. In reality, many people can hold memorable, GORGEOUS feeltimes dresses for any fraction of the typical cost.


The breakdown above is an average of the items most couples do — not everybody. Use it as being a guide, but adjust it for your needs. How you divvy your total finances is entirely your decision! Here’s one thing to bear in mind: If you would like all of the guests to savor themselves, result in the venue, reception, food, and beverages main concern — those would be the real crowd pleasers! After that comes the fun part: YOUR DRESS (and also the rest from the wedding attire, too).

This will probably be your next biggest expense. Flowers, entertainment, and photography are often pretty vital that you couples — and that’s where budget tweaking is necessary. If you care much more about the music compared to flowers, opt for any few small floral arrangements and set the extra money into hiring the very best DJ you realize. If you don’t require a stretch limo or perhaps a fancy car to help you get to and from the venue, use those funds to hire an excellent photographer.


Before you begin planning the ideal wedding, work out how much you would like to pay it off. If you and your spouse are paying for it alone, be sensible about what you really can afford. You don’t need to empty your accounts to throw an excellent reception! If parents or relatives are helping, possess a clear dollar amount in your mind before you begin buying bridesmaid gowns and booking vendors. Don’t think that they’ll absorb the price if you go $5,000 over your flower budget. Once you choose a dollar amount, be sure you stay the course. YOU GOT THIS!

But we hear ya. It’s simple to start slipping and save more money than you said you'd — particularly when it comes to the outfits. Be prepared to compromise in which you need to. If it means needing to choose a different venue or otherwise being in a position to get a marriage dress out of your favorite designer, that’s okay. There are plenty of other designs available that are just like beautiful but cost a smaller amount. Looking to save cash on the venue? Check out these 7 Unforgettable Backyard Wedding Ideas!


Dust off that internal bedazzled coupon book! We’re going to talk cost-cutting. Here are several easy things you can do in order to save a few bucks (while still throwing a sensational and glamorous wedding):


Utilize all of your resources. Yup, which means all from the rad people inside your circle. If you have any creative, talented, or organized family or friends members, ask for his or her help.


Another great way to save on expenses would be to BYOB: not your friends and relatives — you. Even should you have a wide-open bar, you’ll save a lot of money by bringing the drinks yourself. If the wedding venue enables you to do this, go ahead and take the opportunity!


Don’t feel pressured to obtain married within an expensive hotel or country club. That’s only some of the way to throw an enchanting wedding. Some of the best receptions take place in barns and backyards! Your big day is all about you and your spouse, so plan it how you would like. If sticking with your budget means using a cocktail reception as opposed to a sit-down dinner, or choosing cupcakes rather than a three-tiered cake, do it now!

There’s no doubt about it — weddings could get expensive! But even having a small budget, you can pull off an incredible event that you simply and your friends and relatives will remember for any lifetime. Create your financial allowance and stay with it. It’s simple to get embroiled in the excitement of wedding ceremony planning, but should you afford something, find an alternate instead. After all, sticking with your wedding finances is a fantastic way to show your partner that you are simply likely to be financially responsible ‘til death would you part!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses For Every Type Of Bride

Long-sleeve wedding gowns are back and they’re using a moment. This elegant and classy choice continues to be worn through the likes of Meghan Markle, Ellie Goulding, Priyanka Chopra, as well as Kim Kardashian (at her second wedding, third marriage).

The long sleeve wedding gown is an iconic look that’s advanced significantly throughout the years. The number of fabric and silhouette options turn it into a suitable option for any bride, in the more traditional towards the sleek and modern. Not to mention, it’s not only for those winter nuptials. Given how light you can go with the material, these dresses are a perfect selection for spring and fall weddings too.

Thinking of choosing a sleeved style? We put together some of the best long sleeve lulus feeltimes dresses (which are both elegant and affordable) to help you get started on this journey–as well as more excited for the wedding!

Lace long sleeve dresses are elegant and trendy and try to guaranteed to create a romantic statement. Lace is a great selection for spring, fall, as well as summer weddings since it’s a glance that can be very light and airy.

Off-the-shoulder dresses are a super fun option for the fashion-forward bride. The look is flirty and flattering on just about any bride–plus, you will find the option of dressing your off-the-shoulder gown with statement jewelry or keeping it more casual for any beach or backyard wedding.

There’s no rule saying wedding gowns have to include lace, organza, tulle, or embellishment. Sleek long sleeve dresses in solid crepe are simply as impactful–and a terrific way to show off your very own style. The simple, minimalist look can give a unique, less-is-more spin to your bridal outfit.

Quickly becoming probably the most popular bridal trend available on the market, the three-quarter length sleeve provides you with the best of all possible worlds. It’s trendy, flattering, and doesn’t run the risk of your sleeves falling to your food in the reception.

Bell sleeve dresses are ideal for the boho or beach bride. This dreamy long-sleeve option won’t feel too constricting or make you profusely sweating. Plus, it’s a method that can opt for almost anything, in the classic bridal lace look towards the more modern, body-hugging style.

Sheer long sleeves are another great selection for fall and spring brides since the light, the breezy fabric looks stunning on anyone. Sheer sleeves–or illusion sleeves–are also a terrific way to add some subtle pattern with dots, pearls, or any other embellishments.

Saturday, October 9, 2021


It’s a large day for that mother from the bride and groom, too, so they need to dress the part. What do you wear to appear chic and classy when you are greeting guests, being ushered on the aisle, and posing to see relatives' wedding photos? A dress that you simply feel confident in is essential to looking and feeling you're very best on your child’s big day. Keep reading to determine some of our favorite mothers from the bride dresses for various body types.


Show off your legs by putting on a short sheath dress. Opting for any shorter style enables you to experiment with different shades and silhouettes, all while remaining comfortable. Plus, it'll accentuate your fabulous footwear!


Looking for any long-sleeve option that doesn’t feel restrictive? Try a mother from the bride dress with 3/4 length sleeves, sheer sleeves, or perhaps a gown having a chiffon cape overlay. You’ll obtain the coverage you'll need while looking stylish!


Looking to include a definition for your waistline? Dresses that hit in the natural waist and also have a fuller skirt would be the perfect method to highlight this feature. Whether you select a chic ballgown or perhaps a trendy high-low style, these options do wonders to produce the illusion of curves making a sophisticated option for any mother from the bride.


Show off shoulders in a from-the-shoulder or strapless rose gold bridesmaid dresses to have an effortlessly elegant look. For more support, choose a spaghetti strap dress with off-the-shoulder cap sleeves!

Finding an ideal style that best suits you can be a daunting task, but we're here to assist! For more guidance, while you shop for any mother from the bride or mother from the groom dress, explore our Mother from the Bride and Groom inspiration guide.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress?

We’re here to help. From color to match, there are many things to consider. One of the biggest choices to make is sleeves! It’s no secret that strapless dresses might be somewhat of a hassle. You could spend the whole night pulling your dress, or you will be handsfree, ready to bring your better moves around the party area inside a bridesmaid dress with sleeves. We’ve come up with a few of our favorites to help you while searching. Keep reading for top bridesmaid gowns with sleeves!

A bridesmaid dress offering you comfort & coverage? Sign us up! This romantic chiffon & lace gown checks our boxes to have an ideal dress. The long sleeves, created from a stretch lace fabric with floral detailing, will definitely keep you warm during those chilly fall nights and winter days. A full floor-length chiffon skirt provides additional warmth and may win the best twirl award around the party area!

Float around the aisle in this dreamy chiffon style. A softly pleated bodice with romantic flutter sleeves is fantastic to have an elegant bridesmaid look. Flutter sleeves are actually trending for bridesmaids for numerous seasons after which grow in popularity. The flutter sleeve can be a delicate upgrade from your classic short sleeve. The short, loose-fitting sleeve falls in soft folds inside the upper arm. A billowy, full circle skirt pulls it all together.

Lustrous satin-like charmeuse fabric makes this bridesmaid dress with sleeves a standout style. The plunging V-neckline and soft flutter sleeves give this dress a unique aesthetic for just about any cold-weather wedding. A triangle waist and full envelope skirt using a sexy leg slit provide a touch of glam with this figure-flattering silhouette.

Make your boho bridesmaid dreams be realized with this effortless style. This modern bridesmaid design features a V-neckline, sleeves, plus a sheath-style skirt. The cascading ruffle around the skirt is really a statement and complements the flowy flutter sleeves. Match your maids in coordinating colors or mix things up with contrasting shades.

For a delicate touch of coverage, try an off-the-shoulder style. These trendy dresses provide a soft and romantic use for any wedding ceremony. This sleeve style in elegant satin gives this dress a fresh take on a regular silhouette. The flattering neckline makes revealing your bridesmaid jewelry easy.

Looking for just about any dress while using the right amount of coverage for just about any more conservative ceremony? Look no farther than this mesh bridesmaid dress. With a flattering crisscross waistband and flowing flutter sleeves, this straightforward yet understated design is really a favorite among your entire wedding ceremony.

Planning a married relationship? Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for further bridesmaid inspiration, or follow the link to book a consultation.

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It's recognized FeelTimes for reinventing how people look for bridal wear online

Through our At-Home Try-On Program, we now have developed the biggest sample enter in the industry, allowing our customers to test dresses in their homes before making a purchase. We also have a Virtual Showroom that provides brides a chance to collaborate using their bridal party online. Learn more about why is FeelTimes the very best e-commerce experience!

We understand how important it's to ensure that the dimensions, style, color, fit, and excellence of your bridal or bridesmaid gowns are perfect for you. With so many options online, we all know it’s hard to buy a dress without seeing and seeking it personally. Since we don't have any actual stores where one can try on dresses, it’s our goal to create the process as effortless as you possibly can! Schedule a Try On Party together with your whole squad! Then order your preferred dress and also have it made to order by!

No matter what lengths away you are from each other, brides can interact with bridesmaids through our Virtual Showroom! Invite your squad towards the showroom to talk about and comment on your preferred styles, and everyone as much as date in your planning. You can test out different styles and colors to produce the perfect wedding party look and pick styles that be perfect for your bridesmaids. The online showroom makes it simple to keep track of the dresses your bridesmaids have picked helping to coordinate the ordering process. It helps to help keep the bride organized and steer clear of complications like dresses not ordered promptly or wedding party members ordering the incorrect color or fabric. All of our dresses are created to order, if you order all of the dresses with the Virtual Showroom, they’ll be produced from the same dye lot to guarantee the colors match. Our Virtual Showrooms offer each dress’s production time so you understand how far ahead of time you need to order your dresses. Create a merchant account and start shopping together with your squad.

Shopping for any prom dress could be a stressful occasion

 Hey Sherri Babes! Shopping for any  prom dresses  could be a stressful occasion, but you want to take the strain out of all that searching...