Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Say Yes towards the Right Dress: 10 strategies for buying your perfect wedding gown

For most brides, picking the marriage dress is easily the most stressful area of the planning process. Girls develop dreaming about wearing an ideal dress on the wedding day also it can be difficult to find one that lives as much as those lofty expectations. Here are ten of our top strategies for buying an ideal wedding dresses.

Do your quest

Doing your quest is essential if you wish to find that perfect dress. Whether you’re tearing out magazine pages or setting up a never-ending Pinterest board, there are many ways to gather your favorite styles together. This way you’ll know which designs you need to focus on during your search.

Find three adjectives to explain your dream dress

If you’re finding it hard to pinpoint the information on your dream wedding gown, we’ve got an opportune trick. Alongside drawing the gown out in a journal, finding three adjectives to explain your dream dress can help you narrow down the 3 most important elements.

Shop your size

While you may be planning on losing some weight before your big day, it’s never smart to buy through your size. We possess a huge variety of dresses for ladies of all sizes, so you’ll make sure to find something ideal for your body.

Don’t let it rest too late

Whatever you need to do, don’t leave buying your wedding gown to the last second. Rushing your final decision could make you pick a dress you’re not entirely pleased with, in addition to missing out on the wide choice available.

Stick for your budget

Who doesn’t review their wedding budget? It can be difficult to stick through the budget for your wedding gown, but it’s important to not go too outrageous. There are plenty of cheaper dresses that may do a more elegant job than expensive ones.

Don’t hesitate to go for something different

While we like those gorgeous traditional styles, brides should not rule out opting for something a little more adventurous.

Think about the wedding theme

From bridesmaids to food, the very best wedding themes always encompass the entire event. The same is true for your wedding gown. For instance, summer wedding gowns will possess a slightly lighter look, while autumn weddings are very well suited to a general change in color. Whatever the season, make certain your wedding gown reflects your theme.

Look for inspiration

If you’re halfway using your search but still struggling to find the best dress, it may be time to reset your goals. Whether it’s online or out of your friends, never hesitate to take inspiration from others.

Listen for your bride tribe

When you’re fitting dresses or browsing online shops, stick your dress yourself in the bridesmaids WhatsApp group and obtain some second opinions. For a lot of brides, the very best dresses don’t also have amazing first impressions.

Don’t eliminate different lengths

Long wedding gowns have always been typically the most popular among brides, but never eliminate going for different lengths. Midi wedding gowns can offer something unique and are ideal for summer weddings. Strapless midi designs may also add another, fresh dimension to your bridal look. Whichever look you’re opting for, never eliminate the more ‘out there’ designs.

If the search is happening for longer than you’d like - don’t fret. You’ll know when you’ve found an ideal dress for your special day. Take a look through our full wedding gown collection today and find the best dress for you personally.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Perfect Match: Picking bridesmaid gowns for all sizes and ages

As the 2nd most important dress around the big day, deciding on the best bridesmaid dress for the bridal party isn't an easy task. With a huge variety of styles, colours and shapes to select from, you won’t be without choice. Thankfully, our bridesmaid collection includes all these vibrant colours and fashions together. Here are five of our favourite bridesmaid gowns - obtainable in petite, standard or curvy shapes.

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses have always had a stylish aura. Perfect for evening or night-time weddings, the gorgeous navy hue of the slinky bridesmaid dress is certain to level up your wedding party. Also available for curvy women in multiple sizes, none of the bridesmaids is going to be missing out around the stunning frill sleeve details and expertly cut v-neckline.

Midi dress

If you've some excited children at your wedding party, it’s necessary to find a dress that suits the rest of the bridesmaids. This wonderfully chic midi dress will certainly make a statement around the bid day using its deep green satin textures and sweetheart neckline. Available for young girls, in addition to petite and regular sizes, the purely natural colour of the dress would match a leafy backdrop - ideal for those outside summer weddings.

Red dress

A fiery red is a superb way to then add spark to your wedding party’s look. Available in petite and curve sizes, this statement-making bridesmaid dress features beautiful lace details along with a sweetheart neckline. Our red dip hem bridesmaid gowns are the perfect excuse to include a little colour for your wedding day.

Lace dress

Lace is a bridal style that will never walk out of fashion. With a distinctly feminine pink along with a graceful chiffon skirt, this midi-length bridesmaid dress is available in a wide range of regular and curve sizes. The sheer embroidered overlay adds some undeniable sophistication to the look and may be harmonized with your lace wedding gown. Looking for something extra stylish? Lace details won't ever let you down.

Bardot dress

Bardot dresses are capable of taking your wedding party up towards the next level. This truly stunning Bardot bridesmaid dress features an effortless, off-the-shoulder cut fit for any princess, a subtle shade of light mink and a stylish pleated skirt design. With curve sizes made available, it’s tough to resist establishing your bridesmaids within this striking design.

No woman is identical and that’s why we feel our dresses will be able to fit everyone - regardless of shape or size. With a huge variety of styles and fashions available in our collection, you’re sure to look for a bridesmaid dress that contributes some magic to the special day.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

How to Dress for Your Graduation Party

It is an extremely important formal event inside your student life but to tell the truth graduation parties aren't as formal as other events that occur during your lifetime. So using a dress which can make you look attractive and also is age-appropriate is an essential thing you should look at before your graduation party.

1. What to put on

The other thing you'll be focusing on probably the most is the attire you'll wear for that graduation party.

The length of the dress ought to be shorter compared to the robe’s length so that it won’t show from beneath your robe throughout the ceremony. A graduation robe will add enough bulk by itself, so a very full skirt will appear strange under it and make you appear too bulky.

Avoid dark-colored dresses. As the cap and robe will already be black so graduation dresses are often of a different color.

Adapt your dress style according to the weather. After all, you'll be wearing that outfit for nearly a full day. Wearing a warm fabric during warm weather can leave you feeling a little sticky and bothered, so it’s best to visit for light materials to help keep you cool. Similarly, when the weather is warm, wear a cloth that is right for warm weather.

Choose a set of shoes which are suitable for that occasion as well as looks good. You need to put on the shoe for a complete day. So picking a set of comfortable shoes is important. Shoes with heels are recommended; simply because they go well using the short length of the graduation party dress, as well as help you in looking taller. In my opinion, with a set of wedges or 2-3 inch heels, you'll look elegant but be able to walk around as well as dance fairly easily.

Some trendy dress ideas for the graduation party

When the graduation ceremony ends, all of the graduates will require off the caps and robes and start the party. Trust me, you'll not want to put on a regular outfit with this party, because everyone is going to be wearing their finest dress at the party. So to make your dress hunt easier here are some suggestions:


The sweetheart dress is usually the one that shows your shoulder line, which is not overly glamorous which makes it appropriate for the graduation party. A sweetheart dress can also get, a higher waistline design that allows the body proportion to keep the ratio of 3:7 the industry golden ratio for an outfit.


The two-piece dress is excellent to express your lively personality, which makes it a perfect dress for any student.


Generally, the lace material isn't easily wrinkled which makes it easy to maintain, but it's also foldable and elastic at the same time. The lace dress is fairly soft also it appears to be of very good quality.

Chiffon material

The chiffon dress is comfortable and lightweight, it's that light and breathable texture which matches summertime vibes.

Open back

The open-back dress doesn’t need any introduction because they are considered classics. Also called a bridesmaid dresses this sort of design can have your beautiful back and in addition, they make them ideal for summers.

Asymmetrical hemline

Dresses with asymmetrical hemlines take advantage of the asymmetrical design, these dresses are unique plus they appear to be smashing the commonly followed norms of fashion, which makes them perfect if you wish to stand out at the graduation party.

Solid color

The solid color dress is simple to carry for most of us. So it is ideal for any formal occasion such as a graduation party.

It could be the last time that you should talk and talk to most of your classmates at the graduation party. So just relax and relish the company of your friends. Wear a smile and become confident since it looks amazing within the group photo. Time passes, you'll look at the pictures of the graduation party and don't forget the good times you had as a student.

Friday, November 26, 2021

6 probabilities of how you can help your bridesmaid to save money

It may be the average price of a bridesmaid is more than € 1,700, being a member of the wedding party is not cheap. So, like a smart bride, you want to do everything in your capacity to help the one you love to save money without you thinking you’re likely to cut back on them. With that in mind, listed here are six methods to prevent your special day from busting your bridesmaids' wallets.

Keep your girls current.

Most brides begin planning every second of their special day as soon as they get engaged. In this way, they can prepare for their trips by making hotel reservations – and save lots of money.

Do not expect an expensive gift.

Her bridesmaids have previously emptied their purses for the bachelor party, their travels, and much more. If they get it done anyway, leave them. But on no account look forward to something which is beyond their means.

Be a good bride.

Are you planning for a beach wedding in Bali? Then maybe you need to forget the chic bridesmaids you considered. In addition, should you expect your “girls” to visit across continents for the great ceremony and reception, you need to also purchase their accommodation.

Find cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Like wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns cost too. If you're able to select a cheap dress concept for the girls, you can help them to save a lot of money. That does not imply that your girls need to look everywhere. There is a wide array of chic but affordable bridesmaid gowns available online.

Just allow it to happen.

From bridesmaid gowns to jewelry and my way through between, remember that it will be more enjoyable during the wedding when most people are excited.

Try to become considerate.

The very last thing you have to do isn't about saving your bridesmaids. The point is the fact that they feel valued within their thoughts. Sure, your “girls” are going to be there for you whenever you need them. Whether they assist you to buy the perfect dress or assist you with other facets of planning your special day. To let them understand how much they mean for you and how much you appreciate their cooperation is unquestionably the way to go.

So, listed here are seven tips that hopefully will help your bridesmaids reduce your cost while you celebrate your special day the way you want. Remember, when planning the wedding, you'll certainly share excellent wedding knowledge about your girls.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Take a glance at this buttercup crinkle chiffon dress using its daisy lace bodice below left

Right as soon as when Kate Middelton stepped from the Goring Hotel in to the awaiting Rolls Royce on April 29th 2011, lace was back like a serious area of the wedding outfit. And it hasn't looked back since.

The great thing about lace is the fact that no matter how simple or complex the pattern, it always looks romantic, lavish and demure. And so simple to tie that appear to be in with your bouquet using ethereal flowers of gypsophila, or baby's breath. It is no surprise that Gypsophila means 'pure of heart' and 'innocence' if you notice its fragile mist of blooms and it is delicate scent has been said to be as sweet like a baby's breath.

And obviously, lace doesn't have to be confined to the bride to be.

Lace bridesmaid dresses

Dressing your bridesmaids in gowns that echo a couple of of the features by yourself dress can also add a subtle coherence towards the whole ensemble. In particular, white lace on the soft color can produce a beautiful effect that contributes depth and harmony towards the bridal party.

For Spring or Summer weddings, lace bridesmiad gowns with white lace overlaying on pastel can theme perfectly using the seasonal flowers inside your bouquet.

Take a glance at this buttercup crinkle chiffon dress using its daisy lace bodice below left, or even the rose-colored dress below right, in which the soft pink tulle sparks the delicacy from the white lace, creating the sweetest of looks.

Or for any more sophisticated lace bridesmaid dress, look at a long gown having a shimmering rococo lace skirt that has a rose motif, synonymous with traditional lace bridal wear. Below left, the rococo lace will be from the same color because the soft tulle, creating an ideal effect ideal for any wedding moving in to the evening.

There is one thing eternally elegant concerning the shape of a trumpet skirt and above right, shown within the serene blue color Spa, this complete nu-georgette dress using its delicate marquis lace bodice and stunning back feature says everything.

Dessy lace bridesmaids dresses can be found in a wide selection of colors and designs; to locate your nearest retailer, take a glance at the Dessy website. Happy hunting!

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Beach Wedding Attire: What to Wear to some Beach Wedding

While getting invited to some beach weddings is exciting, it may raise some real questions regarding what to wear and the way to dress.

At FeelTimes, we’ve mastered the skill of beach wedding attire. Our type of customizable beach wedding gowns and wedding guest dresses provide a diverse selection of styles and fits where you can create the beach wedding guest look you've always dreamt of.

What is Beach Wedding Attire?

Couples who're planning a seaside wedding often use their surroundings to see their desired dress code and wedding guest aesthetic. Like all weddings, you must ensure that your wedding guest's look matches the wishes of the bride and groom. Here are three from the most common beach prom dresses codes:

Beach Formal

When you are looking at beach formal, you need to avoid dark colors (they absorb heat) to check out fabrics that are lighter and much more breathable. Dresses and jumpsuits both work perfectly with formal beach weddings. In terms of length search for hemlines that fall below the knee but far beyond the ankle.

Beach Casual

When you are looking at casual beach wedding looks, you'll still want to keep things light when it comes to color and fabric. We suggest keeping things easy and going having a flowy sundress or perhaps a breezy daywear look. If you choose to opt for daywear, find something with understated patterns or bold prints.

Semi-Formal Beach Looks

Dresses and jumpsuits are exquisite choices for semi-formal beach weddings. In terms of length, go for longer dresses, keeping our “above the ankle” rule in your mind to avoid any sand-related mishaps. Tea-length and maxi dresses work nicely here.

A Word on Shoes

For all dress codes, we recommend avoiding stilettos or any shoe having a thin or spiked heel. Instead, go for a chunky heel (which supplies stability and won’t get stuck) or perhaps a formal sandal. If you’re likely to go having a sandal just be sure your toes are photo-ready!

FeelTimes: Beach Wedding Attire That’s Uniquely You

When you are looking at beach wedding attire for ladies, we now have you covered. At FeelTimes, garments will always be made to order. Never produced in higher quantities. Designed by us. Customizable by you.

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Your wedding color scheme might be most evident inside your bridesmaids’ dresses and floral wedding decors. Guests usually relate the marriage colors for your persona, just like what each color indicates. Use the inspirations below to steer your color choice and discover the ultimate bridesmaid dress.

Bride’s Preferences

Select shades you like that blend together with your wedding gown’s white, ivory, champagne, or unconventional hue. Complementary combinations like yellow or purple on opposite sides offer dynamic contrasts for added energy. Side-by-side analogous options like blue or purple tend to be more relaxing.

Bridesmaids’ Concerns

Popular blush pink and taupe have become on some women while washing out others. Very deep colors will make light complexions seem eerily pale. Strive to choose something which flatters all of your bridesmaids’ complexions, which range from fair to olive to dark.

For fair skin, try amethyst (purple), emerald (green), or sapphire (blue) jewel tones. Brighter, bolder options like fuchsia pop against dark complexions. Also, consider hair colors. Avoid hues like pinks and oranges that will clash with red tresses.

Mixed Styles

Finding one chic style that matches and flatters several ladies and meets everyone’s price perfectly can be difficult. You pick the fabric color to make sure a unified look. Perhaps, you may also request other basics like silhouette, length, and/or fabric. Then, invite each bridesmaid to determine which distinctive design suits her figure best.

Variations of these similar yet different dresses include unique necklines or sleeves, so every attendant can want to reveal or conceal her cleavage or arms. You may also possess the maid-of-honor reserve the grandest dress using the most extras.

Where to Buy

If you're one of the brides or bridesmaids who prefer fitting certain clothing to ensure it fits you well, create a list of the bridal stores you've within the area and perform some checking. Most of the stores nowadays have reviews on the web.

You can check each store’s reviews when they meet your standards – quality and prices. If not pleased with what’s on the web, you can choose a store visit. You can also ask your friends’ opinions concerning the stores.

Online Shopping

Meanwhile, using the above guidelines in your mind, you may also browse online retailers that offer affordable yet quality bridesmaid gowns. FeelTimes includes a wide range of identical and mismatched prom dresses in different colors – from light to vivid to darker colors.

You can filter by season, color, along other details to simplify the choice. If unsure concerning the color, you can find color swatches just before ordering the dresses. FeelTimes custom make all gowns with luscious fabrics to suit all sizes and shapes perfectly.

Friday, November 19, 2021


For most people, wedding gowns need to belong, glamorous, having a long train behind, and lace details. What if we say for you that you can have that even though you opt for short wedding gowns?

Short wedding dresses are equally sophisticated and chic as long ball gown dresses. Even if a lot of women know how chic short dresses are, they still go for long dresses to put on on a special day. If you want to be unique in making a statement, don’t hesitate to choose a short dress for the wedding day.

Short and Cute Wedding Dress

If you're feeling brave enough to show off the knees and legs, then go for this kind of dress. A-line cut with V-neckline, and lovely lace details will certainly make a statement. Champagne-colored tulle and gorgeous crochet lace get this short dress look glamorous, yet very classy.

Halter Neckline Classic

Halter necklines are utterly stylish and right for traditional weddings. However, because the length of this dress is certainly not but modern and unique, it can make a perfect balance between old and new. The ivory shade looks lovely on fair skin.

Modern Crepe wedding dresses

Opting for a classy crepe dress such as this will not only cause you to look great, however, it provides you having a perfect elegant dress to put on after the special day. One-shoulder dress having a cape and knee length are wonderful options for outdoor weddings in summer.

A-Line Lace Dress

Short wedding gowns with lace are lovely and thus romantic. The lace and crochet focus on the dress is just stunning and can certainly attract individuals to look towards you while you walk on the aisle.

Short and Cute

The sassy and cute wedding gown has lace beading and an interesting sparkly waistband. It is ideal for modern girls having a unique style that prefer to draw attention.

Thursday, November 18, 2021


The hustles and bustles of planning for a wedding could be overwhelming. Finding a stylish and cheap wedding dress should not be a hustle.

Your full-figured body is beautiful, also it only necessitates the perfect gown that you should rock at your wedding. Do you want tips about how to settle for the ideal full-figured wedding dress? Here are some do and don’ts you might like to consider.


Go for pleated details

Gowns with pleated facts are preferable for full-figured women. The asymmetrical pleats provide a vertical look and provide harmony for your dress.

Choose a mermaid gown

A mermaid wedding gown flatters your curves towards the mid-thigh then flares towards the bottom. This type of gown provides you with a lovely silhouette.

Choose an A-line dress

The great thing about an A-line dress could be flattering the top of the part from the body. Also, the waistline is positioned just below the bust. This gives the wearer from the dress an attractive figure.


One thing that you ought to avoid just like a plague is a flimsy fabric. You consider fabric for example duchess silk to lace and organza to taffeta.

Tips to consider when buying a full-figured wedding gown


Before you start shopping for any gown, you'll want a budget. Please note, full-figured prom dresses gowns cost more than other gowns.


Plus-size brides are going for thick materials for example taffeta. Thick fabrics smooth things out giving an attractive figure.

Body Shape

If you're bottom-heavy, A-line dresses are perfect for you. If your top-heavy trumpet style dresses should complement your figure. For pear-shaped ladies, ball gowns do justice for their bodies.


Don’t be shocked to discover that you might need to wear a size or two above your family size. Bridal wear runs smaller compared to regular clothes.

Plus size women are gorgeous, and absolutely nothing should hinder them from being glamorous during their big day. FeelTimes includes a variety of wedding gowns that are beautiful and pocket-friendly. From the comfort of your pc, you can put an order and watch for it to obtain delivered to your doorstep.

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There are a few things that can result in the mother from the bride's dresses being unforgettable and charming. Among these may be the length of the dress, which often radiates timelessness. Choosing floor-length dresses could make you look sophisticated.

Considering the temperature or weather, both mothers from the bride and groom strive for the best look and comfy feeling. In this regard, it might be best to select a floor-length outfit that may provide both exquisite looks along with a luxurious feel.

Since the winter months are cold, the floor-length mother from the bride dresses is the ideal attire for that wedding. Hence, we now have gathered some from the best styles you can refer to when you're on the hunt for that perfect mother from the bride or mother from the groom dresses for that cold season.

Navy Blue Mother from the Bride Dresses

Whenever you're in doubt about which color you need to choose, pick deep blue. You might be wondering why. Apart from black, deep blue is one of the most elegant and complicated colors.

Beading and sequins around the bridesmaid dresses bodice look a lot more than trendy, and also the sleeves are extremely appropriate for winter weddings. If you are not comfortable enough using the sleeves, you can wear a trendy wrap to help you stay warm acquire the best fabulous.

Winter Materials

If you are searching for fabrics that will best match the winter months, choose velvet or satin. Velvet is classic yet very lavish and posh that will help you stay extremely elegant. On the other hand, if you're in doubt about velvet, you can choose satin or charmeuse. These two fabrics are almost similar anyway, and in addition, they emit luxury.

V-neckline, side ruffles, beading, and sequins get this floor-length velvet dress unique and excellent for all mothers. Luxurious in design, you can also wear the gown to other special occasions.

Impeccable Embellishments: Sequins and Beading

Beading and sequins, usually placed around the bodice, are eye-catching. They usually emit a star-like effect along with a wow factor. In this dress, the elaborate beads and sequins are around the bodice, plus some cascade splendidly towards the skirt.

In addition, this floor-length dress looks very trendy using its flattering scoop neckline and mermaid silhouette. Grey color is really a neutral shade, so it might be easy to blend using the winter wedding theme.

Shimmer and Shine

Your daughter, being the star from the occasion, should shine brightly. As her mom, you need to also shine with her inside a stunning dress such as this lovely floor-length dress. It is made from chiffon, with lovely sparkling beads around the neckline and bodice. The fabulous and airy sleeves also create an eye-catching focus while balancing the appearance.

The side slit showcases your leggy look while adding a feminine touch of seductiveness. And, to accomplish the exquisite look of the breathtaking mother from the bride outfit, choose silver accessories – statement earrings and gorgeous heels.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


In the life span of every mother, the marriage of her daughter is among the most significant milestones. If you are a bride-to-be, show your mom that you simply got her back. To reduce the stress about her, trying to find dresses back and forth, tell her the very best stores where she will buy the most widely used and timeless mother from the bride dresses.

MOB Dresses – Keep it Classy

Normally, the mother from the bride's dress should match the gown of her daughter, which also means it ought to be classy. Let’s see some of the fabulous mothers from the bride dresses ideal for fall weddings.

Pleated Mother from the bridesmaid dresses

Pleats look great both in short and long mob dresses. They are considered to be the very best details for the elegant mother from the bride's attire or mother from the groom's dress. If you choose the short pleated mob dress, make sure you wear a bolero for any more edgy look.

Sequined Mother from the Bride Dresses

Jewel-toned mom dresses are fantastic for the fall season. You don’t wish to look too embellished. That is why, these mother from the bride dresses are perfect because from the sequined lace bodice – looking nice and elegant simultaneously!

As dark colors for example purple, grey, navy, and burgundy, are flattering during fall weddings, the shown colors are beyond ideal for the occasion. The floor-length sheath dress is simply so elegant and ultra-chic, rendering a sexy look. On the other hand, the A-line dress yourself in dark navy can also be flattering because of its floral lace bodice with tulle sleeves and beautifully pleated waistline.

All Lace Style Mom from the Bride Dresses

Lace may be one of the most sophisticated materials. All covered in lace, the gown will look not just glamorous but additionally very appropriate.

Tips for that Bride – Always Talk to Your Mother

You as well as your partner decided to get married during the fall season, probably the most meaningful season to the two of you for years as well as in the coming years. Aside from the news about the marriage date, your mom must also understand how you've envisioned the marriage theme. Still, it might be best to ask her what she wanted on her mom's dress.

If you would like everything to become perfect ultimately, then you certainly shouldn’t leave the gown-buying at the last minute – not only for that mother from the bride dress but all dresses including the marriage dress, the bridesmaid gowns, the mother from the groom dress, and also the dresses for that adorable girls.

Monday, November 15, 2021


The mother from the bride and the mother from the groom anticipate the day when their kids got married. However, we also realize that even though newlyweds deserve all of the attention, choosing the right attire isn't necessarily simple. That is why we're here to inform you how to select mother from the bride dress for various body types.

Finding THAT perfect mother from the bridesmaid dresses may take longer than you sometimes think. It isn't necessarily easy to locate something that will fit a mother’s style, the venue, the marriage theme, and anything else. Especially could be tricky for specific physical structures.

How to Choose Mother from the Bride Dress for Different Body Types

Now that you've determined an appearance type, let’s dig into different types of mother-of-the-bride dresses, ideal for every physique. Brides, mothers, isn't it time to get inspired?

Hourglass Body Shape – Define your Waist

You simply need to wear something which defines your waist and feminine silhouette. A classic wrap dress or A-line dress by has an enhanced waistline is going to be perfect for an hourglass physique. Avoid cuts that are too flowy given that they won’t be highlighting your waist. On the other hand, you can always give a stylish belt. The dark color from the dress will highlight all of the things you like about the body shape.

Pear Body Shape – Elongate the Body

The answer to finding an ideal dress for any mom having a pear physique is in enhancing the top from the body. Meaning, embellished top, with flowy sleeves and ruffles. That is a fantastic way to draw attention from your body and waist to your upper parts. The purple A-line dress with ruffle sleeves and embellishment will suit pear-shaped women.

Apple Body Shape – Show Off Legs

Mothers from the bride, ensure that you wear something well structured if you have an apple physique. You can highlight your bust and legs, showcase your arms with off-the-shoulder dresses. Some of the popular dress styles to test for apple physique are empire and wrap dresses. You can also consider using a two-shaded V-neck tea-length dress made from a beautiful crepe.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape – Attention Always from Shoulders

All that is required is to locate a dress that draws attention away in the shoulders. The off-the-shoulder neckline of the white and grey mother from the bride dress constitutes a balance between your upper and lower parts of the body. Creating a volume having a flared skirt can create an illusion of the hourglass physique.

Rectangle Body Shape – Upper or Bottom Part Highlighted

Rectangle, banana, or athletic – regardless of how you call this physique, something is sure. This physique is one of the most practical ones. You can wear anything you like. This shape looks fantastic in just about everything!

Keep the very best and bottom balanced and highlight one of these. Pencil dresses, halter, scoop, or sweetheart cut dresses will be a good choice. The lovely pencil dresses in dusk color by having an embellished bodice is an ideal choice for the mother from the bride.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Wedding Trends We Love: Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

Had you inquired a few years ago about bridesmaids wearing ivory dresses, I would have completely dismissed the concept and probably said that you were crazy. That vision was drastically wrong because ivory bridal parties have grown to be a huge wedding trend and it is pretty dang stunning!

If you aren’t sure if the appearance is for you but have been considering it, continue reading! I’ll let you know a little bit concerning the history of ivory bridesmaid gowns, the way they got back into the wedding limelight, plus some of the greatest concerns that brides have when they’re debating to visit the ivory route or otherwise.

Be smart about your selection should you go the ivory route. Either has of your girl picks her very own style therefore it creates a rustic-chic look, or opt for a style that’s not the same as your own. For instance, should you’re wearing a strapless fitted lace gown, style your ‘maids inside a strapped lace bridesmaid dress having a flowing, a-line fit.

Ways to Make Your ‘Maids Stand Out

As a bride, you 100% deserve to stick out on your special day. Styling your ‘maids in ivory dresses won’t go ahead and take focus from you, but you will find easy methods to keep them appearing like feeltimes dresses when you stand there all glowing and bride-like. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Dress them inside them in short styles.

As the bride-to-be, you deserve to become the one within the elegant, complete bridal gown while your ‘maids are simply as classy and trendy (whatever the wedding style might be!) however in something slightly less formal.

Accessorize them differently.

Make your girls stick out apart from you. Add a floral crown for their look or ask them to each wear an argument necklace that appears best using their dress. If you’re going heavier around the accessories, maybe have your girls go pretty minimal with just a set of studs or pearls.

Keep it casual. Brides who go for ivory gowns on her ‘maids are usually opting for a boho-chic or rustic vibe. My favorite method of styling them is as simple as keeping the appearance pretty casual, rustic, by styling each girl in her very own dress. Also, it simply makes for some seriously gorgeous photos.

Mix and match different hues. If you are a little reluctant to do a full ivory wedding party, consider just opting for neutrals instead. Colors for example ivory, champagne, and latte could act as your palette after which each girl could choose the color, within the style dress that they prefer.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses With These 3 Unique Ways

By now, you’ve probably checked out countless photos on the internet and in magazines of mismatched looks. Some are so classy and discreet that you might not have even realized that they weren’t different dresses towards the end of the spectrum where most people are indifferent looks.

Same Dress, Different Necklines

This is a straightforward and pretty discreet method of pulling off combine bridesmaid dresses. You choose the gown style that you simply love, your primary colors after which have each girl chooses a neckline that’s most flattering and comfy for her shape!

For instance, let your girls know that you simply want all-long, chiffon bridesmaid gowns by FeelTimes in navy. From there, there is a wide variety of various necklines to select from, from strapless to halter, to v-neck, to criss-cross!

Same Color, Different Dress

Make certain to be transparent together with your girls that you simply want the same color, but provide them with total flexibility using their dress.

For instance, let’s say you select FeelTimes’s eggplant as your primary shade. Your ‘maids could then choose from all chiffon, all lace, as well as lace-chiffon combo dresses!

Same Style Dress, Different Color

A trend that when started by mixing necklines is continuing to grow to be a lot more! Consider putting all your girls within the same dress, however in an array of various colors.

For instance, if you’re staying inside the same color family, choose an ombre look which means you don’t end up getting lots of soft lilac dresses and something bright barney purple dress. If you’re opting for something bolder, for example, a pastel palette, make certain they all have a similar, soft undertone which means you’re not tied to a random bright coral dress alongside your soft blush, mint, and lilac ones.

Let’s Chat!

Are you doing combined bridesmaid dresses for the wedding? Leave a comment below and tell us what styles and colors you’re doing or the way you pulled off the mismatched look!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Benefits of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

There is a multitude of perks to mismatched bridesmaid gowns. The first, once we mentioned, is your girls know which styles best flatter their health. They can also dress based on their style, may it be modest or sexier. Meaning they'll feel comfortable and confident. In addition, so that as important, is that it allows some flexibility when it comes to price. Not everyone might be able to afford the same dress. Allowing your girls to pick their very own dress means that they'll cater to their very own budget, with no guilt or pressure.

Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Neutral bridesmaid gowns are a popular choice. They lend a glance that is timeless and oh so stylish! Not to mention the color is flattering on everyone. We love the next styles and colors for the sunshine or outdoor wedding, whether it's casual or luxe. For a winter wedding, you can easily get a girl a brown or black faux fur shawl.

Mismatched Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue mismatched bridesmaid gowns are this kind of underrated choice, ideal for any chic indoor or outdoor bridesmaid dresses! This cool-toned lineup looks gorgeous regardless of the season and lends a bright look. It is easy to complement with pastel colors, like pink or purple wedding flowers. Our most widely used blue color is our Slate Blue bridesmaid gowns.

Mismatched Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched pink bridesmaid gowns are always in fashion. It is a classic feminine color, ideal for any more traditional bride. Yet you can produce a more toned down or vibrant look, concerning the shades and hues of pink you feature. These colors look especially beautiful for spring or summer, whereas darker shades look better to come winter.

Mix and Match Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Wine or burgundy mix and match bridesmaid gowns are a classic choice. They look stunning year-round but are a more common choice in the wintertime. A deep brown-red, our color Bordeaux looks beautiful on everyone. And having a wide selection of flattering styles along with a large range of sizes, we have something for each of the girls.


So now that people have given you some serious advice to think about, you're ready to make a decision! Do you prefer mismatched bridesmaid gowns or all the same style? Leave us comment together with your decision below, as well as your favorite color(s). We'd like to hear your ideas!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The Best Bridesmaid Colors for any Dusty Rose Wedding Palette

Dusty rose weddings are earning headlines and Pinterest inspiration boards everywhere. It’s easy to understand why this can be a cutting-edge trend. It’s darker compared to classic blush hues, it pairs well by using it and plenty of other colors like darker mauve, the industry dusty version of purple. If you’ve been interested in doing combine bridesmaid dresses or are looking for any classy vintage-inspired wedding color, dusty rose and mauve are wonderful colors to increase the mix.

There are plenty of methods to creatively make use of this or the vintage mauve wedding trend making it your personal. We’ll discuss dusty rose wedding palettes, demonstrate how to combine pink bridesmaid gowns with some of our favorite styles within this color, and then leave you with a few inspirations for incorporating your dusty rose wedding theme into the remaining décor.

How to Create a Dusty Rose wedding dresses

Mix and match bridesmaid gowns are also a continuing wedding trend. It’s a good way to display your amazing color palette. Another great way to combine bridesmaid dresses would be to change up the design and style of the individual dresses. Let all of your bridesmaids look for a dress that meets their body shape and fashion sense. This creates visually interesting wedding pictures and ensures all of your ‘maids feel stunning because they stand by your side.

Not confident that Desert Rose may be the perfect color for you personally? You can order desert rose fabric swatches from FeelTimes to see the color in person. Check out French Lilac, Latte, Peony, and Blush too if you're considering combining bridesmaid colors!

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What do you consider? Would you consider using a dusty rose or mauve wedding theme? Been to a dusty mauve and rose wedding? We'd love to determine!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink is among the most common colors utilized in wedding palettes, as well as for a good reason. But, we’re kicking things up a notch with one of these stunning 'Desert Rose' bridesmaid gowns. A sophisticated and developed shade of pink, this color is a fan favorite. Your girls will like it, so when used correctly, so will your friends and relatives. Check out our modern and classy FeelTimes 'Desert Rose' bridesmaid gowns. Plus find out how you can use them to produce the ultimate mismatched bridesmaid line-up.

Desert Rose Wedding Theme

When considering shades of pink, plenty of brides land on blush. Or fuchsia. And while these colors are beautiful, there's something unique about desert rose. This shade looks gorgeous on fair and dark skin colors alike. Aside from complementing your girls, additionally, it works with a wide variety of colors. Creating a wedding color palette with desert rose is simple. (Except because you have a lot of options!)

feeltimes Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

At FeelTimes, our desert rose bridesmaid dresses are constructed with the highest quality materials. This said you will find subtle differences between your types of fabrics accustomed to making our gowns. Before you buy an outfit compare these fabrics. Your decision will impact the comfort of the bridesmaids along with your wedding day look.

Darling Desert Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

'Desert Rose' is a gorgeous color that you might choose to put several or all your bridesmaids in. If you want to put all your girls within this color, consider letting them choose the type of their own.

Let’s Chat

Ready to plan your desert rose wedding? You won’t regret choosing this luxe and versatile color. Plus with these stylish desert rose bridesmaid gowns, your girls will easily fit in beautifully. Be sure to check them out and tell us which one is the favorite!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Don't Overpay for Bridesmaid Dresses!

We’re here to interrupt it for you: bridesmaid dress shopping isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It can be, well.. difficult. Trying to choose styles and colors to have an entire number of women can seem to be impossible. On top of that, how can you determine a reasonable price point for the girls to invest? And how are you currently supposed to know which bridesmaid gowns are the very best option?

feeltimes is here now to answer these tough questions, and provide some guidance. By being aware of what elements are crucial in a bridesmaid dress, and that are there to rip you off, you’ll feel prepared to tackle shopping. Informed buyers are smart buyers. Plus, you deserve the best for the wedding day.

How Much Should I Pay for any Bridesmaid Dress?

Bridesmaid dresses vary from less than $50 to more than $200. So, what’s the track of the huge budget range? Let’s be real. The surprisingly cheap and far too expensive price points come at a cost - and we’re not only talking money.

So, just how much should you pay? Before we answer, you must understand this: which elements are essential in bridesmaid gowns, and that are there to rip you off? By understanding what to search for when bridesmaid dress shopping, you're going to get a lot more bang for the buck.

What Are High-Quality Fabrics & Materials?

When bridesmaid dress shopping, it’s simple to overlook the excellence of the dress. We don’t blame you! While it’s fun to pay attention to the style and color, you must consider the materials you’ll be wearing. After all, it might be a bummer for any zipper to interrupt, or discover the fabric is too sheer come your special day.

The most widely used bridesmaid dress fabric is Chiffon. A reasonable price with this would be $100-130. Take into account that shorter dresses are going to be cheaper, and people requiring more fabric are going to be pricier.

Specialty fabrics include lace, embroidery, sequins, velvet, and English net. There is going to be more expensive, therefore the general budget range you should search for is $120-160. Although you may find prices under $50, this quality level will give off some serious Halloween-costume vibes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Here comes mom of the bride to be

Your daughter’s big day can prove much more emotional than your personal; the kid you nurtured throughout childhood and into life is growing her wings and flying the nest permanently. It’s important, about this most special of occasions, that you simply look and feel your very best so that you simply can guide your daughter through her day. The dress you select will be featured on mantelpieces and dining area walls for a long time, which means you should invest time into making the best choice.

Get an impartial opinion

It can be challenging to coordinate using the bridesmaid dresses, mom of the groom, and also the bride herself but still find a dress that expresses your personality. It’s worth engaging a great personal shopper; a genuine opinion can help you look for a dress that accentuates your figure and sits comfortably amongst all of the outfits within the bridal party. A second opinion means there’ll be no nasty surprises once the pictures return after the honeymoon!

Colour coordinate

Traditional colors for mom of the bride include pastels and neutral tones, though another shirt is becoming increasingly popular. Often, the bride to be-to-be loves to see her parents and future in-laws cooperating to decide on outfits that complement each other – it’s a sure manifestation of a harmonious family unit. This feeling of coordinating outfits helps to ensure that the bride is going to be surrounded by a marriage party who've endeavored to create her the star from the show; this is, in the end, her special day!


Accessories provide the chance to inject a bit of your personality back into the outfit, with delicate, pretty jewelry or perhaps a bright, statement hat. Have fun with your accessories, but do not go over the very best, choosing whether a few smaller pieces or one or two more eye-catching items; simplicity is paramount to class.

Monday, November 1, 2021

The Perfect Evening Gowns For Fall

The years have come for fall galas and autumn affairs, and we’ve got an ideal gown for you. Looking seasonally chic is simple when you have a mixture of exquisite jewel tones with lush lace accents, sheer details, and breathtaking silhouettes. We make finding an ideal fall gown easy!

What better season than this to stun inside a sapphire sheath! Especially when you’re clothed in wedding dresses and luxe lace appliqués. For a sexy spin, the keyhole back must do the trick!

Figure-hugging jersey inside a deep shade of amethyst creates a glamorous combo! The daring v-neckline, draped shoulder accents, and glittering waistline all increase that special something!

The allover beading is a sparkly sensation that appears incredible combined with the illusion neckline and classy short sleeves. You’ll be considered a vision inside a noir navy or jewel-toned emerald!

What’s much better than looking regal in ruby red! With a glistening sequined lace bodice and dainty cap sleeves, all inside a rich wine tone, this crepe number can last you all season long!

A flirty flutter sleeve will invariably get our vote! And when all of those other gowns feature beautiful beaded embroidery, along with a show-stopping fit and flare silhouette, all completed in golden champagne or enchanting emerald, we’re sold!

Shopping for any prom dress could be a stressful occasion

 Hey Sherri Babes! Shopping for any  prom dresses  could be a stressful occasion, but you want to take the strain out of all that searching...