Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Beach Wedding Attire: What to Wear to some Beach Wedding

While getting invited to some beach weddings is exciting, it may raise some real questions regarding what to wear and the way to dress.

At FeelTimes, we’ve mastered the skill of beach wedding attire. Our type of customizable beach wedding gowns and wedding guest dresses provide a diverse selection of styles and fits where you can create the beach wedding guest look you've always dreamt of.

What is Beach Wedding Attire?

Couples who're planning a seaside wedding often use their surroundings to see their desired dress code and wedding guest aesthetic. Like all weddings, you must ensure that your wedding guest's look matches the wishes of the bride and groom. Here are three from the most common beach prom dresses codes:

Beach Formal

When you are looking at beach formal, you need to avoid dark colors (they absorb heat) to check out fabrics that are lighter and much more breathable. Dresses and jumpsuits both work perfectly with formal beach weddings. In terms of length search for hemlines that fall below the knee but far beyond the ankle.

Beach Casual

When you are looking at casual beach wedding looks, you'll still want to keep things light when it comes to color and fabric. We suggest keeping things easy and going having a flowy sundress or perhaps a breezy daywear look. If you choose to opt for daywear, find something with understated patterns or bold prints.

Semi-Formal Beach Looks

Dresses and jumpsuits are exquisite choices for semi-formal beach weddings. In terms of length, go for longer dresses, keeping our “above the ankle” rule in your mind to avoid any sand-related mishaps. Tea-length and maxi dresses work nicely here.

A Word on Shoes

For all dress codes, we recommend avoiding stilettos or any shoe having a thin or spiked heel. Instead, go for a chunky heel (which supplies stability and won’t get stuck) or perhaps a formal sandal. If you’re likely to go having a sandal just be sure your toes are photo-ready!

FeelTimes: Beach Wedding Attire That’s Uniquely You

When you are looking at beach wedding attire for ladies, we now have you covered. At FeelTimes, garments will always be made to order. Never produced in higher quantities. Designed by us. Customizable by you.

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