Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Don't Overpay for Bridesmaid Dresses!

We’re here to interrupt it for you: bridesmaid dress shopping isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It can be, well.. difficult. Trying to choose styles and colors to have an entire number of women can seem to be impossible. On top of that, how can you determine a reasonable price point for the girls to invest? And how are you currently supposed to know which bridesmaid gowns are the very best option?

feeltimes is here now to answer these tough questions, and provide some guidance. By being aware of what elements are crucial in a bridesmaid dress, and that are there to rip you off, you’ll feel prepared to tackle shopping. Informed buyers are smart buyers. Plus, you deserve the best for the wedding day.

How Much Should I Pay for any Bridesmaid Dress?

Bridesmaid dresses vary from less than $50 to more than $200. So, what’s the track of the huge budget range? Let’s be real. The surprisingly cheap and far too expensive price points come at a cost - and we’re not only talking money.

So, just how much should you pay? Before we answer, you must understand this: which elements are essential in bridesmaid gowns, and that are there to rip you off? By understanding what to search for when bridesmaid dress shopping, you're going to get a lot more bang for the buck.

What Are High-Quality Fabrics & Materials?

When bridesmaid dress shopping, it’s simple to overlook the excellence of the dress. We don’t blame you! While it’s fun to pay attention to the style and color, you must consider the materials you’ll be wearing. After all, it might be a bummer for any zipper to interrupt, or discover the fabric is too sheer come your special day.

The most widely used bridesmaid dress fabric is Chiffon. A reasonable price with this would be $100-130. Take into account that shorter dresses are going to be cheaper, and people requiring more fabric are going to be pricier.

Specialty fabrics include lace, embroidery, sequins, velvet, and English net. There is going to be more expensive, therefore the general budget range you should search for is $120-160. Although you may find prices under $50, this quality level will give off some serious Halloween-costume vibes.

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