Thursday, November 11, 2021

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses With These 3 Unique Ways

By now, you’ve probably checked out countless photos on the internet and in magazines of mismatched looks. Some are so classy and discreet that you might not have even realized that they weren’t different dresses towards the end of the spectrum where most people are indifferent looks.

Same Dress, Different Necklines

This is a straightforward and pretty discreet method of pulling off combine bridesmaid dresses. You choose the gown style that you simply love, your primary colors after which have each girl chooses a neckline that’s most flattering and comfy for her shape!

For instance, let your girls know that you simply want all-long, chiffon bridesmaid gowns by FeelTimes in navy. From there, there is a wide variety of various necklines to select from, from strapless to halter, to v-neck, to criss-cross!

Same Color, Different Dress

Make certain to be transparent together with your girls that you simply want the same color, but provide them with total flexibility using their dress.

For instance, let’s say you select FeelTimes’s eggplant as your primary shade. Your ‘maids could then choose from all chiffon, all lace, as well as lace-chiffon combo dresses!

Same Style Dress, Different Color

A trend that when started by mixing necklines is continuing to grow to be a lot more! Consider putting all your girls within the same dress, however in an array of various colors.

For instance, if you’re staying inside the same color family, choose an ombre look which means you don’t end up getting lots of soft lilac dresses and something bright barney purple dress. If you’re opting for something bolder, for example, a pastel palette, make certain they all have a similar, soft undertone which means you’re not tied to a random bright coral dress alongside your soft blush, mint, and lilac ones.

Let’s Chat!

Are you doing combined bridesmaid dresses for the wedding? Leave a comment below and tell us what styles and colors you’re doing or the way you pulled off the mismatched look!

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