Friday, December 31, 2021

4 Color Palettes for the Fall Wedding

We obtain a lot of questions of "can my bridesmaids wear this for my fall wedding?" and that we always say yes! While we love seeing all of the terracotta tones, there are lots of ways to create that fall look along with other color tones. See a handful of our favorite looks out of this year's fall weddings, terracotta, and all sorts of!


Our minds immediately go to all of the shades of terracotta and rust whenever we hear fall weddings, therefore we had to feature one of the most popular fall combine looks. The geometric signage featured during the day added probably the most modern touch. She also created paper floral designs in her floral arrangements to, again, create texture to emphasize that boho feel.


While sage typically draws a springtime vibe, our silver sage velvet creates the perfect juxtaposition by bringing light tones towards the breathable velvet fabric. We especially love the pop of color using the groom's deep emerald suit!


Deep blush tones are ideal for those fall wedding days. In addition, her florals bloom using the same shades of pink while adding red roses to include dimension on her behalf bouquet. From the florals towards the tablescape, this can be a fall color palette we can get behind!

Mix-and-match tip: Undertones may bring out different shades inside your bridesmaid dress colors.


Just because it's fall, that doesn't mean you need a dark and moody wedding! To add those deep fall tones, peep the florals where she added those deep blue thistles that round out the appearance.

From shades of terracotta right down to blues, there’s a classic fall color palette for each wedding dresses vibe!

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