Monday, December 6, 2021

Fall 2022 Trends: Bridesmaid Edition

More and more brides are desiring the cooler weather and fall tones to go with their big day look. There are so many bridesmaid choices to select from, it is not easy to know how to start. That’s where we are available!

Check Out these New Bridesmaid Trends for Fall 2022:

♥ Long Gowns ♥

In yesteryear, shorter bridesmaid gowns were very popular and seen as a necessity if this came to summer & fall weddings. Now, long bridesmaid gowns have grown to be increasingly more popular year-round. The softness and sweetness of a gown blowing within the wind in an outdoor wedding speak for itself.

♥ Glitter & Sparkle ♥

No longer are bridesmaids likely to blend in. Rather, statement bridesmaid gowns have taken the bridal world by storm! From head-to-toe sequin gowns to sparkle details and intricate beading, the greater details the greater! This is a fantastic way to incorporate gold, rose gold, and silver accents in a bold, but beautiful way.

♥ Tulle ♥

Tulle bridesmaid gowns are wonderful at keeping the fabric lightweight while developing a beautiful, effortless look. Illusion necklines have grown to be popular for bridal designs, and today are making their way right down to bridesmaids. Tulle is just about the new chiffon, and make certain to keep a lookout for these designs this fall!

♥ Mix & Match Gowns ♥

Mix and Match dresses also have become very popular this year. You no longer need to match perfectly with one color, rather you can incorporate a whole palette for your wedding look. Many brides will also be letting their bridesmaids have free reign if this comes to choosing their gown by selecting a color and letting girls do the rest. Go ahead and pick all the blush and nude tones for the big day! There are no rules if this comes for your wedding dresses.

♥ Patterns & Prints ♥

Printed gowns have grown to be popular over yesteryear years. From stripes to dots, to floral patterns, being unique doesn't have limits. As different as printed gowns are, they look great together and permit the bridesmaids to convey their style.

Whatever trend you receive inspiration from, ensure that it is your own! There are no rules or boundaries to your big day. Do that which you love making it something which truly reflects you!

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