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Best Winter Wedding Planning Tips & Ideas

There's without a doubt that summer and spring would be the most popular seasons for wedding dresses, but how about fall and winter? Depending on where you reside, these seasons could be the most beautiful times during the year. Planning a winter wedding? You found the right place. In this article, we share the very best winter wedding ceremony planning tips, including the advantages of having a winter wedding, together with festive ideas, colors, and dresses. Getting married during the cold months is a festive and fabulous idea for a lot of reasons. Albeit the unpopular choice, it's something to obtain excited about and that we'll inform you why. So grab a cupful of hot chocolate and begin imagining your beautiful big day!

As we mentioned previously, there are several perks to using a winter wedding that summer and spring weddings just don't have. So let's enter into it.

Because more and more people want to obtain married throughout the warmer months, you will find fewer venues available plus they tend to be more costly. More people are demanding a venue and vendors, therefore the rates increase. You're prone to find more affordable wedding venues throughout the winter months, in addition to more options to select from with less competition.

Weddings aside, summer and springtime would be the busiest season for traveling. Kids are from school plus some professionals are home on break, so many people plan their loved ones' vacations around this time. Because of this, it's more costly to travel during summer and spring.

We recommend holding your winter event either before the December holidays or well after since the two weeks surrounding Christmas would be the peak winter travel dates. Plus, lots of your guests might not want to choose from holidays with family or visiting your wedding. So, save the strain for everyone and plan your special day around the holidays.

Winter Wedding Ideas

While summer, spring, and early fall would be the popular seasons for weddings, there are several special reasons for winter that may make the wedding stand out in one of the crowd. Winter includes a magical air into it – the environment is cooler and crisper, the nights are longer, stars are bright, and life just moves a little slower. Having a wedding at the moment will mean you're able to bring many of these magical qualities to your special day. Here are some of our winter wedding ideas.

Winter Wedding Dresses

First, let's talk dresses since that's our specialty! Depending on the venue, you’ll have to keep a couple of things in your mind when shopping for the wedding gown – warmth and accessories. If you plan to become outside at any point inside your ceremony or reception, you either have to wear a long-sleeved gown or possess a matching accessory just like a bridal coat or shawl and gloves.

A velvet bridal gown or velvet accessories are extremely fitting for any winter bridal look. But if you aren't married in a cold place, we recommend a lovely lace-sleeved wedding dress.

These are a handful of winter-time favorite bridal dresses we now have in our wedding dress store.

Winter Wedding Colors

When planning the decor and theme, make use of the colors of winter to boost your theme and tie in the spirit of the year. Colors like burgundy, bright green, red, midnight blue, navy, silver, and gold are fitting winter wedding colors. Create a warm, festive wedding theme using the elements of nature inside your accessories and decor. Items like pine cones, mistletoe, holly, and fir make lovely inclusions in winter wedding decor and accessories. Natural materials make beautiful table toppers and silverware holders.

Wedding Favors

If you intend to provide wedding mementos for guests or family members, you will get creative with festive favors. It's really fun! One idea we like is to buy coasters from the thin log, carve a little hole, insert a votive candle, tie a native holiday plant into it with the couple's names, and it's done! These are an easy, cute method to let your friends and relatives bring a little bit of your winter festive theme home together.

Whatever you select, the FeelTimes team hopes you will find the time of your lives and revel in every minute. Your winter wonderland wedding is a raving success – make sure to tag us inside your photos and show us the wedding dress!

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