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The planning of the wedding dresses started very smoothly. We got engaged in December 2018 and decided we desired to get married in July 2020, meaning we'd plenty of time to sort things out. I desired to get married close to home, but I didn't want to get married in a church. My dad and I visited a few venues near Loch Lomond and lastly settled on one after Rob had visited. The venue was around the banks of Loch Lomond with beautiful views out within the loch as well as an incredible backdrop from the Trossachs.

With 18 days to visit, our wedding was canceled through the venue, and we then needed to decide if we desired to go ahead and got married or if we'd postpone and try again on the new date. I decided I just desired to get married. At this point, my advice to anyone for the reason that kind of situation does why are you happy. Decide what you want and pursue it. I have no regrets from my garden wedding, although I won't ever walk down an aisle with countless people taking a look at me and then celebrate it inside a fancy venue, dancing into the night wonderful my family and friends, I could walk through my garden towards the love of my entire life with the 13 those who are most important in my experience in the world there to witness our love.

My family worked night and day to prep your garden for the special day. The hedge was cut, new grass was sewn, the windows repainted, and also the monoblock pressure washed. We were in a position to adapt the flowers towards the new wedding style, our archway becoming much more important. My bridesmaid and I made the name tags for that table at 11 pm the night time before, our family and friends donated crystal glasses and outside furniture and fairy lights to assist us to decorate. We bought Ikea lamps and filled all of them with fake flowers and eucalyptus leaves and battery-operated candles from Amazon. We purchased a gazebo and also got a local fabric shop to create us some bunting. Turned the gazebo into the most beautiful little protected shelter, with fairy lights and bunting, and flowers wrapped up the legs. We got a nearby chef in the Gingerbread Man Bakery to cater to the marriage and they made the most wonderful food. We created our playlist and used our Bose speakers to play all of the music we needed. We set up a zoom link so that people were in a position to share our day with people who couldn't attend in person and that we got the neighborhood Church of Scotland minister to arrive at the garden and marry us. We were very lucky using the kindness of these we visited. By the time I was done adding the sparkle we wanted, we weren't upfront, but you'd have thought it was our plan all along. Don't worry should you realize you can't reach your vision just as it was originally intended, I assure you, should you love that which you're doing, and also you follow your heart it will likely be perfect.

Getting married inside a pandemic may be the craziest thing, also it can be this type of tough time for everybody, mentally and physically. I think the most significant thing to keep onto is love, and considering why is you happy, using the person you like. There's no right way to obtain through this, there's no rule book by people who had to obtain through this before us. We are all just learning once we go. Things are probably not perfect, but maybe they'll become something beautiful and hopeful. Whatever you're dealing with, lead with love, for other people and yourself, and also you will be in a position to thrive. This too shall find its devote your story.

The Wedding Planner Helensburgh is FANTASTIC and I couldn't speak more highly of these. FeelTimes solved the problem of finding the most perfect dress in regards to a pandemic wedding making me seem like an absolute princess with every fitting/conversation/message. I appreciated it. The warmth, genuine kindness, care and focus on detail and professionalism all of them behave with is incredible. Writing this and reminiscing I cried considering how happy it helped me and how gorgeous they had helped me feel. They were just incredible, and she or he sings the praises of Ronald Joyce too.

I forgot to say that I also did my very own make-up and I did my mums too. On the day without having to be able to become pampered by hiring people in your soul just have to muck in also it was fun and intimate. Emma, my bridesmaid, also did her constitute. I did everyone's nails. My hair was ended by my long-time hairdresser and guardian hair angel Kerry Hird. She also did mum and Emma's. Rob's father, also known as Robert, got to become his best man.

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