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A Short & Chic FeelTimes Dress for Any Bride

On 23 May 2021, childhood sweethearts the age of 10, and Archie, who both operate in graphics, tied the knot in London by having an intimate social gathering at Marylebone's.

"I possess a strong feeling of self about my style and take influence from many sources. For the marriage, the 60s and 70s were at the forefront of inspiration, alongside minimalism. I wanted to produce an aesthetic that will look timeless."

Just like the bride-to-be, Archie includes a strong feeling of style, channeling classic James Bond having a modern twist in the black, velvet trim tuxedo and matching black shirt, His shoes were also velvet, having a subtle animal print.

Archie and Brooke happen to be a big part of each other’s lives for several years, being to school together because of the age of ten.

"It wasn't until our final year at secondary school our Chemistry teacher thought I spent additional time talking than working so chose to sit me alongside Archie to concentrate more. Little did we all know we would relocate together at eighteen, get engaged at 21 years old, and married at 12. It still amazes me something which seemed so irrelevant at the time is continuing to grow into something incredibly special. Archie proposed within our home on Christmas Eve 2018. It was an entire surprise and certainly topped Christmas Day that year."

Due to Covid restrictions, the pair were limited with what they could include within the ceremony. They opted to make use of the traditional vows making sure that absent friends and family were included because of Zoom.

"All our original guest list was invited to become listed on us via video call. Most of them dressed up in full wedding attire, some with champagne at the ready. It was amazing to determine. The Zoom call also recorded the whole ceremony therefore we can watch it back."

Like the bride-to-be, the 2 bridesmaid dresses wore shorter gowns; simply-cut strappy styles inside a gorgeous burnt orange.

"I bought my dress online. I didn't wish to go into the store and try gowns on. I knew I wasn't likely to opt for any traditional dress so steered from bridal stores."

I love the portrait shots of the newlyweds enjoying time together traveling the quiet streets of London. Timeless and classic, I’m certain Brooke and Archie will cherish these images for several years.

"My favorite part of the day was having our couple shots around London. The ceremony was this type of blur therefore it would be a nice time for you to take a moment to ground yourself. We felt like celebrities strolling on the street being photographed. Zak said he felt like the paparazzi too. It's this type of far stretch from normality for all of us and we both enjoyed it."

After the ceremony, the pair and their guests headed to Marylebone restaurant for a romantic, take a seated dinner.

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Just would you. It is so simple to lose focus when preparing for a wedding. Before you know it if you're planning for a day for everybody else and also have lost sight of what is vital that you and your husband/wife. Evaluate each step and remain true to your vision. And have fun by using it."

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