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A Wedding Editorial: Featuring FeelTimes Dress

This gorgeous editorial which embraces traditional wedding-day glamour having a cool, modern, and edgy vibe, happened at the gorgeous, on the Hampshire/Dorset border.

The focus of the shoot ended up being to capture the glamour of that time gone by and propel the standard elements of the stately home wedding firmly into the 21st Century with the addition of luxurious and edgy touches for any more modern and bespoke couple. We desired to create a shoot that was forward-facing and produced a 'new luxe'.

Our brief was about contrasts – teaming natural textures for example silks, linens, paper, pearls, petals, and foliage with matte and translucent products; using hard lines against softer forms, and having fun with light and dark to attain an edgy elegance. Clean and fresh and delicate and strong.

It was essential for us all to showcase the facts and choices open to a Bride and Groom individually in addition to a couple and supply inspiration for some from the other traditional elements, instead of replicating a conventional wedding day shoot. As a stylist, I desired to give a short to our fellow suppliers which allow for creative freedom yet hit that sensuous old-school glamour feel.

The inspiration for that styling originated from our love of gowns with simple shapes and silhouettes. We knew the tailoring from the gown will be the springboard for that other details and thus, whenever we saw two gowns at Brides of FeelTimes with probably the most stunning detailing and modern design, we knew that people had to feature them.

Crystal Hire has the most amazing range of tableware which we knew would complement the Picture Gallery. Their range offered us the chance to select beautifully edged glassware and team this with modern stoneware plates.

You needed to move away from the standard white tableware with this shoot – white tableware has its place however the effect of utilizing a softer palette with monochromatic touches brings the standard glam a bit more of an additional edge or more to date for today’s modern couples.

The addition of elegant Ester and Erik candles gave the drama and height to the table necessary for such an opulent space.

The new FeelTimes prom dresses is an absolute showstopper so as soon as Laura showed it to us, we knew we just needed to have it.

It's an ideal mix of classic and contemporary: the juxtaposition of the sophisticated smoothness from the top, from the flirty texture from the bottom, embodies everything we desired to express.

To complement Riva, for hair I desired to break from the more traditional and popular updos and embrace the renewed interest in Hollywood waves.

The more sophisticated translation of the vintage style features looser waves with lots of shine.

A beautiful comb added flourish. This look was teamed having a soft glam makeup: glowing skin and subtly smoked eyes, using mainly NARS products.

For the 2nd look using the Charlie Brear Halton gown and Goya jacket, I desired to revive the great old ponytail!

I know several fellow bridal hairstylists who love this look but because it's not seen widely in shoots (yet!), few brides are going for it at the moment.

Just the word 'ponytail' can seem to be too simple, but this shoot shows it may be so much more than something you wear in the gym!

Styled having a bit of volume along with a sexy, almost tousled texture, a contemporary pony is ideal for an on-trend bride.

I decided on a silky bow from Botas Accessories that complemented the fabric from the gown and jacket and gave them a playful edge.

With a bow along with a pony for that hair, it had been important the makeup was sexy and 'grown up'.

Glowing skin is my signature look, which was married to having a darker, smokier eye along with a beautiful berry lip from Giorgio Armani.

Other beautiful pieces were used to go with the gowns and bridal styling, from the stunning hairpiece to statement freshwater pearl earrings.


The focus for photography ended up being to complement the contemporary details from the grand style of the venue, the mixture of textures up for grabs scape, and over the bridal and groom styling. We also desired to tell a tale of a wedding couple preparing for his or her day, celebrating their vows by having a spectacular dinner, and modern portraiture to reflect the sumptuous styling.

The Cake

The inspiration for that cake ended up being to create a design that was soft and romantic, in keeping using the beautiful room it might feature in. Using gentle falling sugar petals but having a contemporary neutral palette and rough style texture the wedding cake worked well to exhibit a fusion of old and new.


Sepia tones and slightly faded old-school glamour vibes were the inspiration for flower choices; tones of cream color, cream, and toffee brown inside a mixture of fresh and dried blooms reflected the juxtaposition of contemporary wedding trends and the standard-setting of Somerley.

I used bleached types of foliage for example soft Ruscus and fern, deliberately avoiding greens that may dilute the palette, and Cafe au Lait dahlias having a subtle hint of blush to include warmth and femininity as to the could be considered a significant masculine scheme. The spikey texture of teasels was balanced by blousy roses, further reflecting contemporary luxe coupled with traditional elegance.


Chloe's eco-friendly suites are ideal for design-led couples who're looking for stationery that is modern and inventive. We loved the way the sharp asymmetric edges of her designs were softened through the use of soft dusky tones and velum.

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