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The Complete History of Wedding Dresses, Suits & Other Fashion

wedding dresses and fashion history have sure changed a great deal over the years, from corsets to beaded lace, and my way through between. Wedding the latest fashions seem to change at the speed of light. I got married in 2016 and today, only four years later, I already believe some of my style choices are outdated, so I'd probably choose things very differently now. If that much can alter wedding gown history in four years, what on the planet could nuptials have appeared as decades ago? Or a century ago? Turns out—a great deal was the same, even though a great deal was different!

Flip through these scenes from weddings with the ages and revel in this wedding gown history walk down memory lane.

The 1900s

Brides within the first decade of the 1900s sported s-shaped corsets that whittled the waist and enhanced an hourglass shape while remaining hidden. Long sleeves, high necks, and gloves added formality and modesty. Oh, and, the colors in this pic look painterly for any reason—the color film didn't exist yet, but colorizing black-and-white photography was all the rage within this era.

The 1910s

By the 1910s, one wedding activity we all know and love today only agreed to be emerging in popularity: dancing! Higher hemlines around the bride's and guests' gowns made getting their groove on easier. Another non-negotiable today that only agreed to be gaining steam for brides within the 10s? Makeup!

The 1920s

Flapper style took center stage in 20s wedding fashion, featuring ornate accessories and over-the-top Juliet veils with elaborate headpieces that spoke towards the extravagance of the era. Pearls, beading, and lace accompanied pin curls and voluptuous bouquets, all atop simpler, streamlined gowns with modern draping.

The 1930s

During the 30s, the Great Depression ravaged the world, and wedding rates dropped significantly. For those who did get married, it had been usually a humble affair featuring repurposed gowns and minimal decor. The couple featured in this photo likely originated from money, but as you can tell from their guest's clothes as well as the bride's and groom's no-frills looks, glam wasn't precisely the name of the game.

The 1940s

The 40s brought wartime living to America, together with increased austerity. Many weddings were quick, elopement-style affairs, and, to suit the vibe, brides wore white suiting. Nearly two-thirds of the grooms of the era were enlisted within the military, so many of them got married within their military formals, such as this handsome fella. As you can see within this snap, the bride-to-be is slipping a diamond ring on her new husband's finger—wedding bands for males were a newcomer to this era, becoming a symbol of commitment while soldiers were overseas.

The 1950s

Weddings returned to bastions of formality and glamour within the 50s, as America emerged from WWII and celebrity obsession offered a thrilling new pastime. Tiaras, ball gowns, fabulous getaway cars, and professional portraiture became a trendy part of wedding gown history once regular Americans got inside to examine celebrity weddings, like Audrey Hepburn's to Mel Ferrer in 1954, pictured here.

The 1960s

London-inspired Mod style swept the states within the sixties, shortening hemlines and making swingy A-line skirts the look from the moment. Pair it with a few Mary Janes, big hair along with a bubble veil and you've nailed the 60s bridal look, just such as this adorable bride did. Not pictured but additionally hot within this decade? Long sideburns on grooms.

The 1970s

Everything old is new again, just to illustrate, this 1970s wedding photo unexpectedly happens to look like it had been ripped from the 2020s Pinboard, thanks to the bride's ultra-cool headpiece and high-neck dress. Guys experienced the style game too—check the groom's velvet tuxedo and ruffled shirt.

The 1980s

No one—not the Kennedys!—escaped the trends of 80s wedding gown history. These celeb bridesmaids somehow still look chic wearing looks usual for maids within this era in the 1981 wedding of Courtney Kennedy and Jeff Ruhe. Prairie-inspired silhouettes and ladylike (albeit finicky) hats were ultra-popular.

The 1990s

For a 90s bride, the mantra was: Appliqués all day long! A case in point is Rachel Hunter, who married rock 'n roll icon Rod Stewart in 1990. She looks absolutely from the decade in her own shiny, long-sleeved ball gown encrusted in sparkling, beaded lace. Oh 90s, never change.

The 2000s

This snap from celeb chef Jamie Oliver's wedding to his wife Jools in 2000 is the early-aughts trends in a single frame. Sleek, clingy satins, check! Cap sleeves and straight-across strapless necklines, check! The icy color palette, check! And to prove that good style endures, this couple is placed to renew their vows come July 1st after two decades of marriage. Aw!

The 2010s

Hello, the 2010s! In the past decade, weddings—and wedding fashion—embraced themes for the first time. Rustic barn, boho, garden, Italian villa, and high-fashion, diamond-encrusted affairs like reality star Kandi Burruss's, pictured here, are only a few types of how modern couples are earning their mark on wedding history. It's no coincidence that the wedding style popularized new heights throughout the first decade with social networking when weddings are now being photographed a lot more than they ever have.

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