Monday, May 9, 2022

A Celebration of Wedding Day Poetry

One of the very beautiful stuff that happened to me in lockdown was being gifted a poem that was written especially for me.

You can see more about that here. I'm a large poetry lover generally and so loved this editorial concept that people were sent, thanks to Sally R. Wilkes, the talented wordsmith behind, whose words follow.

"For centuries, poetry has been used as a beautiful method of articulating love. As a means of expressing an individual's innermost feelings towards another. So, what could be more romantic than the usual wedding-themed around poetry?"

"Set in the picture-perfect in Derbyshire, an incredible team of wedding dresses suppliers joined together to transform what of writer/poet Sally R. Wilkes of into this stunning modern take of Pride and Prejudice."

"The models, Tina Sarker and Richard Portman, really are a real-life couple who got engaged in February 2020."

"They intend to elope and obtain married abroad only the two of them in 2021 and thus they knew the shoot his or her 'feeding' (fake wedding!)."

"However, there's nothing fake regarding their feelings. Their fascination with each other was clear for everybody to see at the time and is just like clear both in the photos and also the video footage."

"On your day, Richard wore a grey check three-piece lounge suit having a pale blue tie and pocket square from Jon Paul Menswear. The stunning dress from Ryley And Flynn Vintage was handmade from ivory chiffon having a circular skirt, gentle flounces as well as an elegant train."

"Tina's hair was styled in an intimate low updo having a center part and wispy curls. She wore pearl hair accessories and coordinating earrings, all from. Makeup artist, Sophie Downing, made a soft, romantic bridal look, light around the skin having a deeper sultry eye."

"Tied round the bouquet would be a beautiful dusty blue silk ribbon having a two-line quote, which had been lovingly hand-lettered to the surface by The Handmade Sign Company."

"Both the floating fabric backdrop and also the sensational white and gold wooden cake backdrop featured poems compiled by Sally R. Wilkes of Rhymes To Remember, and both were elegantly hand-lettered by The Handmade Sign Company."

"A pale blue color was chosen for that decadent three-tier cake produced by the so it would stick out against the white wooden backdrop. It featured subtle ruffles, delicate sugar roses, and hand-painted gold words, that have been chosen to tie in using the poem around the backdrop."

"Tina and Richard's real-life love story was captured in 2 very moving bits of bespoke poetry that have been handwritten in blue ink on handmade torn edge paper."

"They captured another emotional moment when Tina read for that first time a poem about her late father that was intricately embroidered by Extra Special Touch and stitched within the left-hand panel from the dress so it would be worn right by her heart."

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