Monday, May 30, 2022

A Chic & Sophisticated City Wedding

Their summertime wedding dresses was on 10 August 2019 and was inspired by the refined Edwardian and Art Deco aesthetics of the Hotel along with an abundance of pure green foliage and white blooms.

The bride was excited to plan her day herself and took lots of inspiration from the venue, the very first thing she and Kilian selected.

"I knew before I started planning that I wanted a very sophisticated wedding without it being boring or 'overdone'. The Town Hall Hotel is a gorgeous building; this mixture of Edwardian and Art Deco architecture and delightful styling helped guide us within our other aesthetic choices."

"I wanted something easy and classic, something which I hopefully won't be cringing at in years in the future. The plunging neckline would be a little risqué but I thought I could pull it off. The dress also felt amazing on; it had been all silk also it didn't feel overly heavy or bulky."

Lucia's bridesmaids wore several sophisticated, dark blue gowns which look so, so beautiful and trendy with their pure bouquets.

"My bridesmaids chose their very own dresses and were from FeelTimes, and dresses they already had. My only stipulations were floor-length and dark blue, plus they were all completely different styles."

The couple married inside a civil ceremony, surrounded and based on their family and friends. It included some very personal selections for music and readings.

"My cousin and bridesmaid Phoebe did a reading from Philip Pullman's 'Northern Lights. I think that set several people off, including myself. It was so beautiful and felt so special having her see clearly for us. Kilian and I are fans of the book also it felt perfect, especially once we didn't want anything religious."

"My aunt's string quartet played for all of us during the ceremony. She arranged the background music from 'The Railway Children', 'The Secret Garden' and 'Pride & Prejudice', especially for all of us as these are sentimental in my experience. This trigger another round of tears!"

Kilian's debonair suit was from and looks fantastic having a pale grey waistcoat and contrast bowtie.

"Some of the best wedding photos I'd seen were Kristian's and I knew I wanted him to complete ours before we even find the venue."

"Looking in the photos now we’re still utterly overwhelmed by them. He just captured your day so brilliantly plus they're stunning. Kristian was great throughout but especially on your day; he completely blended in and also at no point did we're feeling we were being photographed."

"In fact, among my guests said 'Oh! I didn’t think you were built with a photographer there!'. He blended into our day so well and I think the photos are better for this."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"If you possess an idea of something you want to do for that wedding, and also you can’t decide within the run-up to your day just go for this! Some of the things I loved most about your day I decided to chuck in last second and they exercised so well."

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