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A Retro Cool, Country House Wedding

Events Manager married her love, property developer, on 29th June 2019. I love how Emily has captured the fun and colorful vibe of the charming outdoor wedding.

"I had this pink vibe during my head that I desired to create, which was retro and cool, a bit 60's/70's and fun, although not tacky or girly or 'Barbie' – and I think I did it."

"Most brides want the white dress and also the full fitting experience, I am the alternative, and also enjoyed browsing online before buying my dress. I had my budget in your mind and was loving the concept that I would have the ability to buy a very amazing designer dress that I could wear over and over throughout my entire life."

"When I saw the pink Vampires Wife prom dresses online I knew it had been the one, it had been glitzy and delightful, it had ruffles around the sleeves, an attractive hem, it made my boobs look wonderful! It was everything I have ever wanted inside a dress. It arrived a few days later, fit perfectly aside from the length, which would be a very easy tailoring job, and I felt incredibly special inside it."

"The boys all wore white vans, including Mo. Smart's wedding shoes weren't right for this big day. Cufflinks were by and I got pink floral Liberty print ties for that boy produced by the seller."

The bridesmaids wore probably the most sensational dresses.

"As I was in pink, I wanted the girls inside a color that didn't crash. Black is my second fave color after pink also it goes well using the bright pink I was wearing. We found these gorgeous dresses on that were so fun, and sexy, they'd ruffles that matched mine and more importantly, girls felt good in them and can be in a position to wear them over and over forever."

"My dad and my dog Izzy walked me on the aisle towards the sound of 'Sea of Love', by Cat Power."

"We met at Plymouth university, we worked together in the Student Union before getting together on my small very last day before leaving Plymouth, Mo still were built with a year to visit before he graduated so there would be a lot of backward and forwards between London and Plymouth which makes it work."

"We got engaged on Seasalter Beach in Kent on the dog walk with Izzy your dog, engaged for 2 years before we've got wed."

"For the large wedding meal, we chose from the menu. It was feasting, banquet style, set up in the center of the tables. For the starter, we wanted charcuterie and bread with oils and butter (whipped marmite butter anyone?!) But Mo and I come with an allotment, therefore we wanted to bring that a part of our lives towards the table too, Rusty Pig dressed around all of the gorgeous flowers with with allotment veg that they'd sourced locally for all of us."

"We were built with a cake table filled with different cakes. My mum made about twelve cakes and lots of brownies, my close friend's mum made delicious Chocolate Guinness cakes, and my pal Ffion from wales made about 100 of her incredible welsh cakes."

"We chose not to possess a wedding cake as we desired to have a variety of cakes people could select from. This was an idea we stole from several of our friends who did the same at their weddings."

"I got among my friends, who's a part-time DJ, to DJ for all of us. I'm not massively into live wedding bands, I just wanted the party to instantly start with these favorite tunes and I knew Joe was the guy to complete that. He started by having an hour of 90's early noughties Garage, and then it had been just tune after tune thereafter. Our wedding wasn't huge, about 65 people, but I'd say many of them were on that dancefloor through the night."

"Our first dance was 'Ain't Nobody', by Chaka Khan. It's an enjoyable song, it reminds us of the holiday we continued, we didn’t perform a first dance routine, or perhaps a formal dance, I was pretty drunk at that time and was slut dropping and winding and grinding, Mo just had to visit along by using it."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Until you're doing so, you simply can't observe how much small detail is required, and just how much of the lag it's on your brain, particularly in those previous couple of weeks and particularly if you’re working right up towards the day. Support your pals who are married as much as possible!"

"Also, I wouldn't have been concerned about the weather in the lead-up to it. I drove myself mad looking whatsoever the different weather reports which exist. It was all completely pointless, even when it did rain, still, it would have been an incredible day."

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