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A Charming Cotswolds Tipi Wedding

Meet our couple, Louise, a primary school teacher, and Matthew, who's a head of project management. They were married around 4 August 2018 inside a ceremony at their local church, then a reception celebration at Horley.

"Originally we wanted a stylish and modern looking wedding with candelabras and quite minimal and classic detail. With our venue, my vision changed, and I discovered that what I had originally wanted wasn't very 'us' as a couple, and I am so pleased that people styled it how we did. Flowers were an enormous must for all of us, to ensure that were an enormous part of our styling. We wanted an attractive but elegant and summery, colorful look, and luckily we bagged the elements to go with it."

"When I tried around the dress I eventually chose, I cried and may not explain why, however, it was the only real dress which had that impact on me, and I found I kept considering it when I tried on further dresses. It was simple, elegant, and timeless, then one I will appreciate every day and still love in years in the future."

Matthew wore an incredible three-piece suit, having a blue jacket and trousers, and a contrasting grey waistcoat, by having an ice blue bow tie and pocket square, and classic brogues.

The bridesmaid dresses wore lovely blush pink wrap dresses, that they wore with shoes, a necklace and earrings, and delicate sprigs of gypsophila within their hair.

The couple first met via a mutual friend at a birthday barbecue and bouncy castle party (a state that quickly, I dare you!) in August 2010, and became engaged at the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York City in May 2016.

"We were built with a Bible reading, which we allowed Matthew's stepfather to select because he was the individual reading it, and like a church, goer felt he'd choose something meaningful and appropriate. We also chose an that was read by Louise's stepmother – chosen mainly for that beautiful words and sentiment there."

"The marriage ceremony at our church was our favorite part of the day. We're biased, however, it was the best marriage ceremony we have ever visited because I was so lucky to possess the opportunity to become able to make it personal to us by including our families and also to make a statement to the guests. It was the part of the day that people look back on the most and say 'Wow, that was amazing!'."

"Photographers might be deemed as yet another thing to set up, however, you should not forget that after the vows happen to be recited and also the honeymoon has ended, the only real thing you will have to appreciate every day is your photos to remind you from the best day of your lifetime."

After dinner and speeches, Louise and Matthew took a sunset stroll together within the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, making their way towards the dance floor for their first dance together as a couple.

"We had an earlier evening acoustic set and evening entertainment from They were phenomenal (plenty of guests commented that they were the very best wedding band they'd ever heard). Our first dance was Feel So Close – by Calvin Harris."

"Not a vintage first dance song, however, the words were perfect, and we wanted to become able to properly dance to something instead of just awkwardly swaying! Fraud learned the song at our request. It's now within their regular repertoire."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Don't sweat the little stuff. It all comes together around the day! Also, remember it's your entire day, so stick to your needs guns and choose what's most significant to you as a couple."

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