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A Modern, Bohemian Tipi Wedding

This may be the wedding of, a Programme Manager, and, who's an Aviation Consultant. They were married around 22 June 2019, inside a ceremony in Peper Harrow, Surrey, then a tipi reception and party were held.

"I'm an enormous fan of lace, but discovered that fully lace dresses didn’t suit me around other fabrics did, therefore the fact that this dress was mostly crepe having a bit of lace was perfect."

"After fitting a few dresses and having a leg split, I fell deeply in love with the idea of having my legs out, to ensure that helped limit the search! I could talk all night about my dress, but in a nutshell, I loved the way it combined a contemporary and classic look."

The bridesmaids wore long wrap dresses inside a pretty shade of pastel pink, along with sandals, and rings.

"I bought them each a diamond ring as a thanks gift, using their birthstone within an ombre design."

Claire and her bridesmaid dresses carried an ideal bouquet of sweetly scented Old English garden roses in pastel hues, together with frilly scabiosa blooms and tendrils of greenery, hand-tied with lace ribbon, made for them by family friend Barbara (AKA Boopie).

"We first met online, got engaged in September 2017 whilst on vacation in Greece, and were engaged for 21 months before getting married."

The couple decided to exchange traditional church vows with one another, as well as their wedding rings originated from Hatton Garden.

In keeping using the relaxed, informal feel of the day, Claire and Nathan's wedding feast would be a barbecue cooked and served.

"Our cake was the very best cake I have ever seen. Nathan’s sister managed to get it. We wanted a rustic-looking cake and loved the thought of having three different flavors, both for visual effect, and to ensure that people could choose their favorite. We had the wedding cake as our dessert."

The complete joy and excitement during these images of Claire, Nathan, as well as their family and friends strolling towards the reception field, even while serenaded through the brass band, are a few of my favorites out of this brilliant collection – all captured by a talented photographer.

"Jamie was fantastic! Not only are his photos stunning and just what we were hoping for (and much more), but he was prepared to stay until the end of the night. We're so glad he stayed to capture the late evening party shots!"

"Jamie seemed to be very helpful in guiding us through our couples photos, as neither people are particularly comfortable in front of the camera. Some simple direction from Jamie managed to get a lot easier as well as pretty fun!"

"We have experienced so many comments from guests regarding how great Jamie was around the day. He somehow managed to become everywhere all at one time, and he didn't miss just one detail. We would recommend Jamie to everyone."

"Our favorite moment was possibly the marriage ceremony and walking with the field using the band. I also really loved creating a speech and listening to the other speeches, there's very little that I might have done differently. Just make sure you allow people jobs if there's something important you need to remember. We forgot to find the Polaroid cameras out (because everybody was having an excessive amount of fun) therefore we missed out on getting those photos."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"No matter the length of time you have to plan the wedding, there'll always be more you could have done, more you could have planned, etc."

"At some time you just have to stop and relish the planning process, and certainly enjoy the day, since you won't care if you've forgotten something; you most likely won't even notice."

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