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A Modern Monochrome Wedding

Meet Hannah, a Publishing Editor, and Nick, who's a Creative Director. They were married on 22 September 2018, inside a ceremony at a restored Victorian beauty right around the seafront. This was then a reception at the industry brilliant contemporary gallery housed inside a former Regency church.

"Lucy bent over backward to provide me my perfect dress, re-making something in barely whenever at all, and making me a happy bride. Lucy's skill helped me feel beautiful, and unlike each and every other dress I tried on, I felt much like myself. Like magic, but much like me."

"We were pretty set on using a Brighton, city-center-based wedding, having relatively recently gone to live in the city we wanted to become in the heart of our new house. Plus we're city folks; the term rustic is fairly anathema to both people. We also wanted venues which had something a little different, something unpredictable, something with architectural beauty, then one that would make people would go 'Wow'."

Nick looked incredibly smart inside a black, three-piece microdot tuxedo, that they wore had a shirt, a white slimline tie and silver pocket square from Joshua Kane, and black brogues.

"The groomsmen wore matching champagne with white polka-dot ties. They all had pocket squares that were different but matched. Nicky's dad was built with a matching tie in baby pink, my father rocked exactly the same tie in baby blue. All the boys were subtly, but nicely coordinated."

"I wasn't prescriptive using the groomsmen about anything beyond them wearing black and becoming them a tie. The groomsmen are really different, so I wanted them to become comfortable and seem like themselves. Besides, they're a devilishly handsome bunch, plus they looked awesome."

Hannah and her bridesmaid dresses and flower girls walked into the house they'd rented to organize, the Bandstand, and regardless of the rain, they were built with a great time. Messages of encouragement and support were written around the pavements in their route by Nick's friends.

With their dresses, the bridesmaids wore black shoes along with Anthropologie hair clips to compliment Hannah’s. The flower girls wore sparkly black dresses with denim jackets, with black glitter Converse trainers.

"When we first met, both of us instantly knew this was it, but we allow it to slip away; 2009 and 2010 would be a complicated times. Over the next six years, the love never went away, and frankly, it had been painful! It took among us to move towards the other side from the Earth, annually of not talking with each other, and thus much distance and emotional turmoil to make the inevitable to occur."

"All it took would be a one-word message from me in Australia and Nick was flying towards the other side of the world to obtain me. The rest was easy! I came home, although not before we met in the middle of a 3-week adventure around Japan. On the first anniversary of having back together, Nick planned a surprise visit to Iceland even though I was climbing the volcanic rock face from the mid-Atlantic trench, Nick brought out a ring. Par for that course, he needed to climb the wall to visit put the ring on Hannah's finger."

During their sweet and touching ceremony, Hannah and Nick exchanged rings, that they chose, whereas Nick had earlier found the perfect diamond engagement ring for Hannah, too.

"We wanted the day to become filled with memorable moments. Whether it was big gestures and landmark moments, or perhaps in the tonne of small stuff that we added, to reflect everything about us."

"Our first dance ended up being to Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse, by Minus The Bear. Both being really musical and music-nuts, it had been really hard buying what this is. We have a lot of songs which are 'our songs'. We went with this because it includes a really pretty, dreamy minute-and-a-bit intro that people could dance on their own to before it begins and everyone could grab their nearest and dearest, pile to the dance floor, and jump around."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Don't hesitate to ask for help. We did everything by ourselves, and wouldn't happen to be able to obtain it done without the aid of certain wonderful people, especially establishing the venue your day before the marriage! That takes a lot longer than you believe it will. People love to assist, so ask!"

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