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Bohemian Wedding Dresses for Modern Brides

I think the easiest way of introducing you to this lovely brand would be to chat using the Miina, the lovely designer behind it. Below is an extensive interview using the designer herself, which we do hope you find both helpful and insightful.

Miina, please introduce your brand to the readers and bridal community

Indiebride London is about comfortable, bohemian wedding gowns with a hint of vintage vibes. These luxurious yet relaxed wedding gowns are made from delicate laces and silks and decorated with lace trimmings. We are a sustainable bridal wear logo and take pride in the personal service that people provide along with the beautiful, handmade wedding dresses.

Can you describe your signature style?

My design style is principally affected by the gorgeous materials we use. I wish to design timeless prom dresses which have certain originality for them. I often combine lovely laces and lace trimmings with various silks and ramie. The result is a significant bohemian look having a hint of vintage vibes.

I like textures because they make an outfit look more interesting. I often design dresses for similar women that I am, a little alternative, bohemian and artsy.

Would you say your designs are for any variety of body shapes?

Absolutely! We have both, slinky silk dresses and loose-fitting lace dresses (and the other way around) that offer more cover due to their texture.

Everyone can look for a dress that feels comfortable and appears amazing in it. We also make alterations to the standard styles on our collection, therefore if someone loves an outfit that is suited to her knees but feels much more comfortable in an A-line skirt that doesn't hug every curve, we can change the shape of the skirt.

Tell us about your ethical fabrics and materials?

We would rather use natural materials. This is why we make use of a lot of various kinds of silks; silk marocain, sand-washed silk satin, crinkled silk chiffon, and imperial silk satin for that lining. The double and single silk georgette (produced in England) we use are constructed with ahimsa silk which is the kind of silk manufactured in a way that doesn't get rid of the silkworms such as the production of conventional silks.

Our laces are mostly produced in England and Scotland and also the composition is just or mostly cotton. Our organic cotton lace is produced in Germany and a few laces in Asia.

Do you have a muse in your mind when designing?

When designing dresses, I tend to have I believe this modern bohemian nomad or lacey vintage look. I design our dresses for this woman in her early 30s, who's independent and amazingly cool. She doesn't worry about other people's opinions about her life and not about her wedding or the gown she wants to wear on her behalf big day.

What do you consider makes your brand so attractive to brides?

I think it's how we use the types of materials that make brides arrive at us. Our styles are very unique and romantic. When they try the dresses on at our showroom, they're very astounded by how comfortable and lightweight they feel and also the quality of the materials.

Also, the fact the dresses are created here, though the person they're talking to when attempting on dresses is extremely appealing for them. They like they get to be so involved using the process of having their dress produced from scratch.

What would you love most about working within the bridal fashion world?

I have two favorite areas of my job. Designing new styles is a big job as I spend hours and hours sourcing new materials, sketching the designs, and cutting patterns. It's this kind of exciting moment to finally sew the zip on and begin to see the new style arrive at life for that first time.

The other favorite part of my work would be to see the brides' faces once they try on the dress for the very first time. It suddenly becomes very real for them that they're getting married as well as their face just glows once they're admiring their dress. It's quite incredible to consider that someone likes an outfit that I designed making so much that they wish to wear it during one of the biggest times of their lives!

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