Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Meet The Designer in the Most Curious London

I love the entire vibe from the show and I always return home afterward on a high. This year, the show is anticipated to be more fun, immersive, and inventive than ever, as founder Becky and her team enhance the bar higher than ever before.

These are contemporary gowns for individuals who want to wear something luxurious that's been crafted with fit and precision in your mind and made out of natural silk fabrics including beautiful French lace and delicate beading and sequins.

We design luxurious minimalist prom dresses having a playful and slightly alternative undertone – dresses that may be styled and worn with assorted tops, jackets, capes, and veils, to ensure that our brides can find the look which most closely fits their style and reflects their personality.

We also have our bride in your mind when designing a brand new collection, and we are often inspired by the conversations we now have with our brides throughout the dress-making process too. We design dresses that are minimalist yet luxurious – the wonder is often within the simplicity along with a less is much more approach is certainly true in our designs. We act as a team which is very important because the team takes a look at different elements of the overall journey; from sales to the production and making our dresses.

My favorite gown within the collection may be the Wallace dress. There is just something relating to this dress and I can imagine entering into it and feeling everything glorious fluid silky softness falling to my feet.

We will invariably work with each bride individually to make sure she is happy and comfy with the finished design. Our bespoke service implies that we can provide a completely personalized approach to the dressmaking process, but could also tweak our existing designs to make sure the best fit for every bride; in the slight difference in a neckline shape, the addition of shoe-string straps or lace capped sleeves.

I wish to hit this message home strongly for just about any of you brides feeling nervous about finding the wedding dress for fear you may be squeezed into something which doesn't fit or the designs given to you won't flatter your natural shape. Please, do not concern yourself. I created the gown to be simple, sexy, and regal. Simplicity in the silk crepe fabric, a regal high neckline, and also the subtle sexiness in the open back. Long sleeves were always essential as it would be a winter wedding.

Of course, India's images went just a little viral over around the 'gram, but could it be any wonder? I adore everything about this, however, the piece de la resistance is the fact that the open back and its flash of sexiness when just works so well using the other more conservative aspects of the dress design (high collar, long sleeves). Absolute perfection. My dress felt so comfortable, I felt completely myself putting it on, at the same time, perfect and stylish.

Get your and come and obtain curious around!

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