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When I got engaged, I thought I'd slim down for my wedding. More than that

When I got engaged, I thought I'd slim down for my wedding. More than that, I thought I'd be what I regarded as "thin" for my wedding. Because everyone loses weight for his or her wedding, right?

Guilt took over my prom dresses ceremony planning journey, and I don't want that to occur to you – so allow me to talk you through my story of attempting to slim down for my wedding.

So to the beginning – the gown. The first dress.

I purchased a dress I thought was such a bride's appearance. And I purchased a dress I THOUGHT would fit me. To be clear, I don't regret buying that dress due to the experience I had with my bridesmaids and mum, which I will cherish.

But stating that – I hate that damn dress. And I will let you know why.

The dress would be a size 22, and I would be a size 22 – wedding gowns run, inexplicably, two sizes small, but I thought it would be a manageable quantity of weight to get rid of.

I embarked on the weight loss "journey". We call it an outing, it's a lot more like an assault course. I"m likely to call it "hell".

But that's irrelevant. Good god am I not penning this post to give you weight reduction advice. I despair when I browse the posts about weight worries there are comments about "the Cambridge diet", "Keto", or "Just drink plenty of water". In my estimation, these brides need reassurance, no more reasons to beat themselves up.

Back to my weight-reduction hell. I, similar to what I'm sure a lot of you do, have significant anxiety issues as well as an acutely stressful life. The weight that I thought was likely to "drop off", didn't. Although I overhauled my diet and drinking habits, in no small part to my now-husband (yay!) cooking me amazing healthy meals; the moments of weakness, the moments of tiredness, stress, exhaustion, and merely plain to hell by using it didn't disappear.

Three months before the marriage, at an absolute low, I started to determine my fitness expert. He helped lift me from my fog of depression.

Then, I decided drastic action needed to be taken. So I started eating 1000 calories each day and eliminating alcohol.

By chance, I was sitting waiting for any hospital appointment that week, when I saw a Facebook post on a single of the many… many… wedding groups I would be a member of. It shared a FeelTimes dress and said how good the standard was, which conversation rang in my mind, and I decided to order it. IN MY SIZE.

After making that decision, I was FREE. The last few months accumulating to the marriage I just felt released from the grinding tension of attempting to fit right into a dress that was determined not to suit me. Whilst still seeing my amazing fitness expert and trying to become healthy for my good, I can confirm I ate a lot more than 1000 calories each day. I enjoyed spending time with my now-husband (yay!). I focussed on the fact that I was married to honestly the very best man that's EVER existed.

I sang I danced, I pretended to become a disco ball, I felt peaceful with myself, and desperately deeply in love with my now-husband!

So, to conclude, my advice for you is… obtain a dress that matches you, because life happens. Take that pressure off yourself, because planning for a wedding ought to be a joy. Enjoy your day, park any insecurities you have within the morning, since the second you marry your husband you won't possess care within the WORLD.

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