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A Bohemian Clifftop Wedding in Santorini

Meet Alexandra, a renewable power engineer, and Mark, a musician, who married around the 26th of May 2018 at Santorini, Greece. The couple was keen to mix their Ukrainian and British heritage, whilst embracing the stunning Greek scenery and coming up with the most beautiful trip to their fabulous outdoor venue.

"We focused around the view and desired to support it with natural materials: wood, greenery, candles and textiles, hand-made items, unique, restored furnishings keeping it as relaxed and cozy as you possibly can. We didn't want any guests to become indoors or feel too formal on vacation."

"I love lace and lace gowns are works of art. The mixture of different lace patterns, geometric and intricately flowery was perfect and I felt feminine and comfy in it."

On her feet, Alex wore shoes, while for jewelry she chose earrings along with a necklace, both forms along with a bracelet that was a present from Ukraine. In her hair she wore fresh orchids, to increase the holiday feel.

The bridesmaid dresses wore floaty ombre dresses, combined with jewelry and corsages, while the little flower girl wore a pale pink dress.

Mark waited after the aisle in checked trousers, combined with boots along with a crisp white shirt.

Alex's father accompanied her on the aisle to 'Hell towards the Liars' by London Grammar and also the ceremony was led.

"Our ceremony was a mixture of English, Greek, and private input. We felt it had been important to include the following in the more traditional text:

I will celebrate our differences and provide you with your space, will become familiar with forgiving and end up forgetting and always make sure to laugh. I will adore you as your wife/husband, your companion, and your friend, and I won't ever forget why I married you."

The whole day was captured on camera by Sam and Diana, who has been everywhere, ensuring every moment, every smile, and every word was noted and recorded. You can almost have the bleached white heat from the island and also the sea breeze inside your hair while you look at these.

For favors, Alex and Mark chose wildflower, chili, lavender, and poppy seeds, Santorini shot glasses and honey-pistachio sweets, and traditional Ukrainian mini decorative flower headdresses.

Mark: "My favorite part of the day was the particular ceremony. It was the heart of the event and it had been beautiful. The whole day was overwhelming inside in a good way."

Alex: "I was holding my father, I saw Mark just a couple meters from me as well as in all this stunning setting and amazing setup, I saw the dear faces from various areas of our lives all in one location (some I have only seen on screen for any few years) and nobody was moving. That pause and all of the thoughts and emotions that experienced in my head were extra powerful."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Choose the most important thing for you. You don't need to tick all of the boxes because others get it done. It's your party, so don't invest in things that don't matter to you."

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