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A Fun and Magical Woodland Wedding

Meet Katie, a Senior Creative, and Alastair, a Carpenter. They were married on 15 September 2018 in the Cairngorms, Scotland, exchanging their vows around the shores of Loch Garten.

"My bridesmaid dresses wore their very own dresses. I gave them a color and allow them to pick their very own dresses. Considering all of them live at different ends of the nation they did this kind of amazing job!"

"I wasn't someone who dreamed about my wedding gown since I was young, so I struggled using what direction I wanted to get in. I didn't even think I wanted a marriage dress in the beginning. I was looking to find 'the main one' but found the option a bit overwhelming…"

"At a little 5'1 it's tough to imagine exactly what the dress will, in reality, look like as it pertains back in your size, but FeelTimes were amazing. They had plenty of really different styles that I loved however when I put around the dress I did end up receiving I knew it had been the one! Choosing a dress six months in advance though did make me doubt my decision… around the day I loved it such as the first time I use it again."

Alastair wore an incredible dove grey three-piece vintage suit having a knitted tie in an attractive teal color. He also wore personalized socks gifted to him by Katie around the morning of the wedding.

"We met at Sheffield University 13 years back and got together five years later in London. We got engaged whilst on a camping trip in Switzerland. On an epic walk, he got recorded on one knee and I nearly were built with a heart attack."

"Alastair always said he didn't want to get married but then apparently he changed his mind 5 years back and didn't wish to tell me 'in case I was expecting it' – which I certainly was not!”

After the ceremony, there is time for games, confetti, drinks, and delicious canapes produced by – ham hock, apricot, and mint rillettes, smoked haddock ceviche with ginger, chili, and coriander, and cauliflower pakoras with mint and cucumber yogurt.

"We went for English sparkling wine from for that drinks reception and served it alongside Bristol's amazing beer – the beer was an Amber ale called In The Pines, that was perfect for that setting!"

"We didn't possess a sweet cake but went for any cheesecake. Rosie, the founder helped us come up with a delicious tier of cheeses in the South West. We went for mostly goat's and ewe's cheeses and served all of them with homemade chutneys by Katie's Aunty Sue and our favorite Nairn's oatcakes and Peter's Yard crackers."

"Wine was vital too. We sourced all of our very own wine and went for those organic, minimum intervention wines from small, independent vineyards. We got our dark wine through Sam at and our English white wine."

"Our favorite moments were seeing each other for that first time down through the loch. And turning around to see our guests gathered around us in the loch."

"We also really enjoyed the morning from the wedding. We decided to stay together the night time before and also got up together to possess breakfast and give one another a gift in the morning before getting ready with these groomsmen and bridesmaids. It was this type of relaxed morning and also the sun was shining following the days leading up to pouring rain. Our closest friends were staying in the main houses which we loved! We had our very own little one-bed cottage in Little Dell so that people could also get away from everything."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Don't hesitate to delegate! People love to become part of the plans and prep. But don't overwork them either… and ensure you thank everyone who did play their part."

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