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A Wiltshire Farm Wedding

Stacey and Ally married on 1 September 2018 within the wonderfully rural Tisbury, Wiltshire. This blank canvas venue provided an attractive countryside backdrop for his or her wedding weekend and outdoor ceremony. With a concentrate on fun and relaxation, your day was styled with a lot of lush foliage, pastel summer flowers, and areas for that couple as well as their guests to relax and relax.

I'm this type of fan of the sharply-defined illusion lace and love the flirty feel of the spaghetti straps and floating skirt.

"I was looking for any dress that will compliment my body system shape (I am very short but I have curves!) but which wouldn't restrict me and would fit using the relaxed feel of your day."

"This gown was perfect because the bodice had structure and definition whilst the skirt was floaty and relaxed so I could move effortlessly. I fell deeply in love with the gorgeous bodice, that was 3D illusion lace having a hidden corset."

"I didn't wear a veil as I never felt comfortable in a single. Instead, I opted for any relaxed up-do with fresh flowers. I am so happy I chose both Amelia and Elle. Not only were they great at the things they were doing but they were such lovely, fun people to possess around the morning from the wedding. I was within the moon with both my hair and make-up as I felt like I still appeared as if me, that was so important in my experience."

I enjoy the unusual buttonholes which feature such dainty white flowers from the pastel lavender and wheat. They look fantastic from the deep blue of the men's suits. Ally's would be a three-piece suit, worn having a tailored white shirt, oxblood shoes along with a silver-grey tie.

"There was no particular theme however the main thing was ensuring our guests were relaxed, comfortable, entertained, and well-fed which would be a great party! This fed into the styling once we wanted to ensure there have been plenty of fun items to see and do plenty of comfy places to sit down, and great food and music!"

The couple happen to be together since their university years and changed their marbles from their original destination wedding idea.

"We met during our this past year studying at Bournemouth University. Unfortunately, there is no romantic 'our eyes met over the lecture hall' moment; in typical university fashion we met on a drunken particular date with mutual friends. However, the next first evening I was inseparable and a month later we declared our love for one another."

The bridesmaid dresses looked fresh and ethereal in silvery grey gowns. The girls' bouquets and flower wands, a riot of pink and cream blooms triggered by gorgeously fresh foliage, were by in Bristol.

As well as three older bridesmaids, Stacey was combined with four flower girls, and don't they appear adorable within their dainty tutus?

"We got legally married in Bristol a couple of weeks before so that we're able to completely personalize our ceremony. We asked my grandfather to conduct the ceremony and he did probably the most incredible job. It was so, so special to possess him there performing the ceremony for all of us."

The newlyweds were lucky enough to possess their wedding breakfast outside, with BBQ food proving an ideal choice. The Farm's barns have there been in case of poor weather, though, and were well suited for housing the marriage cake and also the evening party.

"We hired the ice-cream trike for everyone's dessert which would be a selection of Marshfield Farm ice creams, including salted caramel, chocolate fudge brownie, raspberry ripple pavlova, and mint choc chip."

"In the evening I was entertained by a covers band from Bristol, made much more special through the fact that our friend (and my bridesmaid's husband) may be the lead guitarist. After the band finished we were built with a silent disco. Everyone loved it which was once the party started. It was great fun to become able to help keep everyone pleased with different music genres, and also to seek out those around the dance floor who have been listening to the same songs!"

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Try to savor the planning process and accept help – people wouldn't offer when they didn't want to also it's special to possess your loved ones to contribute something to your day."

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