Saturday, September 17, 2022

We wanted a rustic theme for that wedding

Real weddings are extremely inspiring! To get you in the mood to plan, we asked real brides to spill the facts from getting engaged and finding their wedding gowns to the special touches and surprising moments that made their celebrations completely one-of-a-kind. On a beautiful day in March, Magoma & Gakweli tied the knot in a heartfelt ceremony. Keep scrolling to determine more details using their rustic wedding in Kenya!

We met on October 20, 2017, at my sister’s wedding! He’d been invited by his friend who was within the bridal party to come towards the reception. We always joke that crashing that wedding dresses was the very best decision he's ever made. I remember visiting a fine, tall, full-bearded man and asking my pal “Stephanie, have you seen that fine-looking man?” After the wedding, there is a little get-together inside my apartment before the after-party and guess who rang the bell? As they say, the remainder was history!

I don’t think we have ever really known he was the main one, however, the events within our lives keep reaffirming our choice. On January 29, 2021, my then-fiance (now husband) experienced a quad bike accident. When I received a trip from his friend to inform me he was in ICU, it hit me: I couldn’t live without him.

Gakweli has been out of town for a week and I was getting jittery. It was December 1, 2020; I was missing him, and I remember calling him and complaining he’d been gone for too much time. He explained he would be returning the next week. Well, he returned that evening and rang the bell, there he was with flowers and chocolate. As I was walking away to place the flowers in the water, he called me back and was there on bended knee. I didn’t even watch for him to complete asking, I was immediately on the floor with him screaming “YES, I will marry you!”

We wanted a rustic theme for that wedding, so I knew my dress might have a lot of lace, and also the colors could be juniper and sage for the wedding party. Once we decided on the theme, the appearance fell into place.

As per our traditions, the groom’s family and groom had arrived at my home to choose me up in the morning to consider me for the church. They included a band that I could hear playing almost two blocks away from home. It was lovely. I loved the church ceremony; it had been amazing. At the reception, we requested our families not to have speeches that were too long. Well, understandably, I was ignored!

My husband’s vows were the most memorable moment of the day. They were handwritten and delightful. I have the little paper he wrote them on.

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