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Your Guide to Buying a Beach Wedding Dress

Nothing is much more romantic than the usual beach wedding dresses! The sand involving the toes, the gorgeous waves crashing in and also the exotic connection with traveling to a distinctive location can make your wedding very special for both individuals.

Even better, celebrating your ex with a destination wedding is definitely an affordable method to tie the knot. From all-inclusive travel packages to a smaller guest list, through an exotic wedding can in fact help you save money. The casual wedding gown you’ll wear at the beach wedding may also be more affordable than the usual formal ballroom gown.

Choosing the beach wedding gown that’s ideal for your ceremony, style and placement is very important. If you end up having a dress that doesn’t fit your travel needs or personal desires then there's no returning.

Take a glance at our guide below regarding how to select the right wedding gown for your destination wedding.

Step 1: Decide on Your Destination Wedding Dream

Do you need to celebrate your ex on a cruiseship or an isolated island paradise? Will you be bringing family and friends? Do you need to stay local or fly around the globe? These are important things to consider before you choose the wedding dress.

Here are a handful of key questions you should ask yourself as well as your partner before you begin shopping.

Will you be jumping in to the surf following the kiss? It’s remember this that some fabrics shouldn’t get wet or can definitely weigh you down.

Do you need to stroll on the beach shoeless? We suggest shortening the length of your gown slightly (1-2”) in order to not have it dirty within the sand.

Will you be dancing inside your dress? If so then make sure to get your dress bustled whether it comes having a train.Will the ceremony occur during the day or night? Even in an exotic paradise you will get cold during the night, consider our wedding jackets or shawls.

How are you currently traveling? Carrying a sizable dress with an air plane can be challenging, but when you’re just jumping on the cruise ship you'll be able to protect and wear a bigger dress.

Is your ceremony only for the two individuals or are you going to have other guests attending? If it’s only the two individuals consider taking a short or train-less dress because you won’t have one to help you ensure that it stays out of the dirt.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Beach Wedding Dress

There are lots of fabrics you are able to choose from for the wedding dress, although not all fabrics are perfect for beach weddings. Some fabrics are extremely warm or too delicate for that beach, while some are just right. Here is our strategies for choosing a seaside appropriate fabric for the wedding dress.

beach wedding gowns

Chiffon is an extremely popular fabric for beach weddings. It’s very popular because it’s lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Chiffon could be steamed with no risk of damaging the material and it drapes beautifully over any figure.

Charmeuse is lightweight and incredibly soft, which makes it a great fabric for any beach wedding. While charmeuse is beautiful and it has a very lustrous shine into it, it’s also clingy and may tear easily when wet. So try not to get this kind of fabric wet within the ocean.

Tulle is yet another popular material for beach wedding gowns. This fabric is lightweight and comparatively cheap, which means you won’t feel below par about messing it up within the sand. Tulle can also be very poofy, and that's why it’s utilized in more traditional wedding dresses. At the beach tulle can provide you with that princess look whilst keeping it casual, cool and lightweight.

Taffeta is really a textured or wrinkled fabric that’s produced from several different kinds of fibers like polyester and nylon. It’s designed to look wrinkled which means you won’t be concerned about setting it up ironed, but it’s not nearly as soft or flowy as other fabrics.

Remember that despite the right fabric plenty of beading or lace can weigh an outfit down. Look for accents like belts, shawls or jackets if you need to dress things up. This way you are able to ditch the extras if you want too!

Choosing the Right Style for Your Beach Wedding Dress

Going casual with the wedding gown is definitely the best move if you’re off to some beach wedding. Large ballroom gowns are hot and hard for traveling. That being said, you don’t need to “dress down” for any beach wedding either. Here is our help guide to the types of beach wedding gowns:

Quick Tip: Avoid long trains or veils, these will drag on the floor and become very messy.

Short & Cute Beach Wedding Dresses – These adorable and short wedding gowns are a great method to show off your personality! They’re simply fun to put on and look at. So if you’re seeking to show just a little leg, dance through the night and have a step within the surf than the style is ideal for you.

Short & Classy Beach Wedding Dresses – Show off your traditional style inside a fun new way using these short wedding gowns. You’ll look sleek and delightful, but nonetheless be liberated to enjoy the tropical sun.

High-Low Beach Wedding Dresses – Nothing says trendy just like a high-low wedding gown! These dresses are exciting, formal and stunning. Plus you are able to show off those amazing legs while still getting the romantic feel of the full length dress.

Drop Dead Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses – You’re getting married on the beach, so why wouldn't you flaunt it? Be ready for that most romantic nights your life inside a truly sexy wedding gown. These simmering gowns are certain to turn your beloved’s head.

Super Casual Beach Wedding Dresses – Your on have fun and don’t start out too seriously. Why not showcase your easy going spirit having a beautiful but casual dress that actually represents you.

beach wedding gown

Traditional Beach Wedding Dresses – You’ve always were built with a picture inside your mind of how you'd look on the wedding day. It’s that classic photo you saw once inside a magazine of the couple who had been spirited away to some far off beach to celebrate in fashion. These beachy styled dresses are certain to remind you of that.

Romantic Beach Wedding Dresses – If your wedding is to be a princess around the beach who's swept off her feet by her beloved price, then these truly romantic gowns would be the perfect dress for you personally.

Flowy Beach Wedding Dresses – Maybe you’re only a free spirit or consider yourself whimsical naturally, in either case these dresses will appear incredible because they flow with the air.

Making Use of Your Budget

Having a seaside wedding could be a great method to reduce the price of guests, however, you need to be ready for plenty of incidentals. When you are planning your financial allowance be sure to range from the following costs which are related to your dress.

Cost for adding a bustle

Cost for just about any last minute alterations

Any additional charges for carrying the wedding dress around the plane

Cost for steaming or pressing your dress upon arrival

Cost to possess your dress cleaned following the wedding

Plan Ahead & Order Early

The last thing you need to have happen is to get around the air plane without your dress. We recommend ordering your dress between 3-6 months before the wedding. If you are stuck ordering an outfit at the last moment, think about using Rush Order to make sure you get a dress before leaving.

Never ever have your dress delivered to some resort or hotel. There are so many problem reports where an outfit did not arrive or was lost through the staff. Play it safe, order ahead of time and keep the gown with you as you visit your destination.

Traveling together with your dress

beach wedding gown

Traveling having a large wedding gown could be expensive and cumbersome. The smaller or lighter your dress the much easier your travel is going to be. If you are able to, attempt to pack the wedding dress inside a separate bag out of your luggage or keep on. We recommend getting a sizable garment bag for the wedding gown.

We don't recommend checking the wedding dress in as luggage. If at all possible bring the dress around the air plane along with you. This is the only way you are able to be sure it won’t go missing. Once you are around the air plane be sure you store it along with other passengers’ luggage within the overhead bins. This will help prevent it from wrinkling.

Quick Tip: If your airline’s crew is great or if you’re already traveling first class you are able to ask them to hang your dress within the first class coat closet. Most of the time you will get away with this particular even if you’re not flying top class.

Make arrangements to possess your plus size wedding dresses pressed and steamed before leaving. Trying to find a steamer in an isolated resort could be extremely difficult. Try asking your hotel beforehand whether they can handle this service for you personally or whether they can supply your room having a steamer.

As always, make sure to bring just a little sewing kit along with you, this way you are able to easily fix something that breaks when traveling.

Last of, make sure to relax! You’re off to some romantic and memorable experience, so appreciate it.

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