Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Our Taurus babes have a more traditional style

To be honest, you've probably been asked “what’s your sign” millions of times however your zodiac sign can in fact say a great deal about your personal style. The different Fire, Air, Earth, and Water signs have similar attributes inside the elements, yet they're completely different from other elements. Are you curious about what your sign says about your style? Here are the most popular prom dresses for every zodiac sign.

Aries signs are bold in personality and elegance. Frankly, they need something that can make them stick out in a crowd! What better way to achieve that than within their signature color: Bright Red. For you, Faviana styles 7750 and S10241 can give Aries the dramatic entrance that they need and deserve at any event!

Our Taurus babes have a more traditional style! They like a vintage silhouette that isn’t too fashion-forward. Also, the color Blue creates a Taurus feel they're most confident and provides a relaxed and stylish feel for their look. Faviana’s styles S10015 and S10252 are pretty straightforward and timeless, which makes them the perfect match for Taurus.

Geminis enjoy being trendsetters and therefore are all about what’s new and current within the fashion world. They are attracted to brighter colors, which may explain why Yellow is the signature color. Styles 10000 and S10209 produce a sexy flair rich in slits and deep v-necklines, therefore if that doesn’t scream Gemini, we don’t understand what does!

Cancer is among the wildcard signs. They have a classical style and often veer from dresses that are too trendy. Aqua Blue is the sign’s go-to color and provides them a soft and whimsical look. Styles 7747 and S10202 have that timeless vibe that Cancers are searching for.

Leos are another fire sign, meaning they love a great dramatic dress moment. They are attracted to high fashion and wish to feel just like a Queen, making their signature color gold even more fitting. Styles S7999 and S10001 have gorgeous golden details that may make any Leo seem like fashion royalty.

Virgos are consistent naturally (as well as in fashion) and often be drawn towards Earth Tones with regards to dressing in style. They like the idea of being polished – never being too flashy or revealing. Styles S10200 and 8083 are pretty straightforward, polished, and modern – everything a Virgo babe could want.

Libras are stylish and prefer to keep up with all the latest trends. They aren’t scared of taking a risk, but also enjoy being effortlessly fashionable. Their signature color Green completes the sophisticated look they need. Styles S10255 and S7999 are modern, yet chic, and provide our Libras that effortless glam they crave.

Scorpios are mysterious and intriguing. They have a very beautiful and striking style, making their signature colors Black and Maroon. Styles 10105 and 7541 were basically designed for our Scorpio babes. The chic silhouettes coupled with their signature colors make these dresses an ideal match for the sultry Scorpios!

Bold Scarlet is the color of this fire sign. Sagittarius is relaxed, yet polished using their signature style and prefers to add a small sporty flare. Styles 10205 and S10235 are pretty straightforward and sexy all wrapped up into one, capturing Sagittarius’ personality perfectly.

Capricorns possess a conservative and classic style. They prefer darker, muted colors to bright ones, making their colors black, grey, and white. The neutral elegance of styles S10236 and 10201 make these short prom dresses precisely what a Capricorn wants.

Trendy and rebellious, an Aquarius babe isn't afraid to become a showstopper when it comes to their style. They want to stand out within the crowd, making Electric Blue an ideal color on their behalf. Styles S10118 and S10203 give an Aquarius that striking look they desire.

Pisces is just like a soft and feminine flare, with Lavender and Lilac his colors. Flowing shades and soft patterns are available in most of their looks. Styles S10253 and 7946 give Pisces that delicate, feminine feel they dream of.

Zodiac signs are a good way to see the way the different styles match characteristics. Whether it’s bold and dramatic or soft and delicate, each sign is exclusive in its style and taste. Whatever your sign, there’s an ideal Faviana dress to compliment!

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