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This gets your friends and relatives in the mood for that party and able to celebrate

No time is much more festive than the wedding dresses, with no drink more fitting for now than bubbly. Whether you are a wine aficionado (it's cool, you are able to go by wino) or perhaps a wine novice, you'll love these champagne wedding suggestions to get your party popping.

In my former life, (meaning, before Bridal Musings) I sold bubbly in a hip wine shop in Brooklyn, New York. When shoppers arrived asking, “What's the very best pairing for…” anything, my answer? Always Champagne. Fried chicken? Champagne. Roasted duck? Champagne. Standing on a floral altar investing in life together forever and trying to? Champagne.

Below, I'm going to hand it to our wedding ceremony planning pros for the very best champagne wedding ideas they've seen and dreamed up. But first, I do have one little bit of advice from the former wine saleswoman and wedding photographer: remember the saber.

1. Saber a bottle of champagne to kick off the wedding toast.

“Sabering a bottle of champagne at the wedding is a frame-on-your-wall-forever wedding moment. Not only may be the sabering sword quite the dramatic prop but the moment the top of the bottle breaks off and showers everyone within the vicinity with bubbles? Priceless. Just make sure you've either practiced or come with an expert wine saber-er available for instructions.” – Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings

2. Offer a champagne tasting.

“Are both you and your soon-to-be spouse champagne connoisseurs? If so, you may consider arranging for a champagne tasting during your cocktail hour. You could use your caterer or bar provider to pick a flight of 3+ champagnes and employ a Sommelier to become present during cocktails to pour tastings for guests and consult with them about each offering at leisure. This is an excellent added guest engagement option on your cocktail hour, specifically for a couple who loves bubbly!” – Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner, Eventlightenment Planning

3. Get the party started by having a welcome gift.

“Set a dark tone for the party having a planned and thought-out greeting for the guests, from the floral arch to some champagne tray and hors d’oeuvres. This gets your friends and relatives in the mood for that party and able to celebrate!” – Ashley Vipond, Co-Owner, of Champagne Social Co.

4. Create a champagne wall for part of the wedding décor.

“You can't ever go wrong having a champagne wall at the wedding! The best part is that it has several purposes: It serves champagne to your friends and relatives, is wedding decor customized in the wedding theme, and is really a centerpiece for guests to savor taking photos before.” – Lisette Gatliff Photography

5. Bring inside a mobile prosecco truck.

“Bring inside a mobile prosecco mini truck! These little vehicles result from Italy and provide the ability to serve a number of prosecco and drink it. It is so small it may sometimes drive into a venue! Add some decorations, have a pic and you are all set. How fun for guests!” – Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

6. Create a classic champagne tower.

“Go to the deco days and perform a champagne tower! It's becoming a lot more popular for couples to include this for their “events” and creates timeless photos of pouring the champagne.” – Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

7. Set up an extravagance mimosa bar.

“Set up a lavish mimosa bar for the guests. Make your bar stick out by using top-tier champagne for example Moet or Veuve Clicquot, by utilizing exotic ingredients for add-ons for example guava, dragon fruit, or pomegranate, by adding champagne-centric touches for example champagne bombs, rose gold straws, or paring the champagne with bite-sized bits of pastries that complement the taste.” – Ashley Vipond, Co-Owner, Champagne Social Co.

8. Use champagne glasses as table decor.

“Champagne glasses could be incorporated in table numbers, place cards, or favors. A favorite I have seen is a champagne glass each and every table setting using the guest's name designed in calligraphy on vintage paper connected to the rim.” – Lisette Gatliff Photography

9. Create a seating display that incorporates champagne.

“One of my personal favorite champagne ideas doubles like a seating display. We love an argument glass and giving guests some bubbles prior to the cocktail hour or reception always gets them ready for the festivities in the future! Also, it keeps the bar line shorter for some time as they currently have a drink within their hands.” – Melanie Levin, owner of LuckEleven Events

10. Have a living champagne wall.

“You rang…. a champagne living wall is how it's at! We are all concerning the guest experience which champagne living wall would be a big hit! Your guests would ring the bell for service along with a white-gloved hand would serve them champagne with the framed window.” – Erica Trombetti, Infinite Events

These tips were gathered with the aid of Be Inspired PR, a PR + Social Media Agency for simple wedding dresses, wellness, and lifestyle clients. With over 10+ many years of experience, we’re here to consider our clients one stage further! Find armloads of stylish wedding inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.

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