Thursday, December 8, 2022

Are you along the way to getting the gown of your dreams?

Are you along the way to getting the gown of your dreams? We want to help you to get to know the procedure and understand what to expect throughout the special time that's a wedding planning and dress shopping. Here at Posh Bridal,  we're known for making our brides feel special and comfy. Some things to anticipate from your wedding dress appointment are below.

Think as they are!

During our appointments, you should expect to test wedding dresses that may not be inside your Pinterest board in addition to gowns that may be from your comfort zone. We truly believe that of our brides look beautiful in all of our dresses but by doing this we're able to eliminate the dresses that you don’t feel at ease in or don’t like.

Get Naked!

Another thing you may expect from your wedding dress appointment is to buy naked before someone. The stylists walk inside the dressing room along with you to help you to get inside the dresses and clamp you if the gown doesn’t your style. If you don’t feel at ease with the stylist finding yourself in there along with you, you are able to let her know. In this case, you can get in the gown and the stylist will be once you are prepared to zip up the gown.

Not the perfect size!

Some dresses won't fight perfectly. Some may be too big and some may be too small. Here at Posh for each bride to test a feel at ease but remember that not every dress would be the right size for you personally. We will clamp you in and obtain creative with extra fabric to ensure you are able to still see exactly what the gown looks like inside your size. I recommend letting your stylist determine if you don’t feel at ease walking out in the gown you're currently wearing.

Get to understand you!

You may also expect your stylist to inquire about a lot of questions regarding your fiance as well as your relationship. We wish to get to understand you, therefore, we can get an understanding of your personality and also make you feel at ease. Once you're outside around the podium the stylist asks you many questions about the gown you are in, specifically for the first few. All these questions will guide us for your dress. We also wish to hear about your party, we want to understand what they think about the gown, but after the day it’s likely to be your decision and just how you feel about the dresses.

Be ready to say YES!

Finally, anticipate finding your lace wedding dress in your first appointment. We realize that many brides would like to shop for the knowledge but like a bride myself I can tell you that it could possibly get overwhelming and after the day you will always be comparing the rest of the dresses to that particular first dress you tried on. It has been proven that brides find their dream dress one of the primary three dresses they struggle on. It’s not weird and it’s not crazy. If put forth the right store, the procedure is easy!!

I hope we’ve helped you understand the procedure and you have more knowledge on what to anticipate on the wedding dress appointments. We wish to help give you the best experience possible.

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