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When choosing wedding jewelry

 As the heroine of the wedding ceremony, the bride must pay more attention to the accessories of the bride in addition to the wedding dress. Good bride accessories can not only light up the wedding scene, but also highlight the bride's temperament, so it is important to choose suitable bride accessories. The choice of bride accessories should consider many factors. The perfect bride accessories can make the bride more beautiful and moving. Today, Changsha wedding dresses Rental Xiaobian will introduce you to how to choose bride accessories. Let's have a look.

1、 Jewelry and wedding dress

When choosing wedding jewelry, the bride should first understand the color of the wedding dress and headdress before buying jewelry. When choosing jewelry, such as necklaces, she can wear a common blouse with the same chest line as her wedding dress. When she tries to wear it, she can see the effect, which will not affect her wedding mood by spending a lot of money on an improperly matched necklace.

TIPS: Most brides will choose a white wedding dress on their wedding day, and the diamond ring is the best piece to match the white wedding dress. If the bride chooses a simple wedding dress, she can choose a diamond ring with a slightly more complicated style; If the bride chooses a wedding dress of lace or flash, she can choose a low-key diamond ring to make the whole show a low-key luxury.

2、 Matching of jewelry and jewelry

Jewelry should not only be matched with the wedding dress but also be coordinated with each other. If there is no suitable one, it is better to lack than to abuse. For example, wearing a pink pearl bracelet while still wearing a large zircon necklace is extremely ugly. Also, if you have decided to wear a headdress, try not to wear a necklace, otherwise, it will be like a shiny frame to wrap your head. In addition to style matching, color matching is also very important.

TIPS: Many people think that the more jewelry you have on the day you get married, the better. In fact, this idea is wrong. It is better to wear more jewelry on the wedding day than to wear it well. If the style of each kind of jewelry needs to be matched, if you choose a simple style ring, * * also match a simple style necklace or earring. If you choose a luxury-style ring, you should also match the corresponding jewelry. Wearing different styles of jewelry by mistake will reduce the bride's appearance.

3、 Pay attention to the overall effect

The matching of wedding jewelry depends on the part, but on the overall effect. If you don't know how to match every piece of wedding jewelry that is valuable and wear it like a nouveau riche, your image will be greatly discounted. So if the style of your wedding dress is very simple, you can use common sense to select some jewelry that is slightly out of the ordinary to play the role of the finishing touch, not too exaggerated. If your wedding dress style is very complicated and has many details, the simpler the jewelry, the better. If you have a lot of lace on your collar, don't wear a necklace. A pair of lovely earrings is enough.

TIPS: When choosing earrings, the bride should pay attention to the shape of her face and ears. For small ears, you can choose diamond earrings with fine and simple designs to highlight the beauty and set off the elegant temperament; For those with large ears, you can choose the style with carved or hollow patterns, which is also suitable for the prominent personality; Charming and lovely, most of them are gentle and fragile. The earrings with thin earrings and diamond inlaid earrings can reflect the temperament of being a little bird. As the heroine of the wedding day, how to dress up beautifully is the concern of every bride. However, one piece of jewelry cannot defeat the overall shape.

4、 Choose gifts tailored for the Sisters

Wedding jewelry should not only be selected for yourself but also be very important for your sister group. The gifts you give them * * are purchased according to their characteristics and needs. It is forbidden to buy them in a unified way, which shows no intention or sincerity. On the other hand, you can also see your personal charm, killing two birds with one stone.

TIPS: As sisters, how can you not know their thoughts. However, there are so many trifles before the wedding that they may not be able to find jewelry to satisfy them. At this time, it must be enough for the sisters to choose a pair of delicate earrings. Of course, we should choose according to each person's characteristics. For the sisters without earholes, we can consider sending ear clips or small bracelets.

The above four points are the suggestions provided by Xiao Bian for the newlyweds when choosing bride accessories. The newlyweds should take all the above four factors into consideration before starting to choose the bride accessories. The accessories selected in this way are more suitable for the atmosphere of the bride and the meghan markle wedding dress scene.

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