Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Whether or not to wear a veil or how to accessorize your gown is up to you

 Today we are talking veils! Whether to wear or not to wear a veil is a decision brides often face and come in with questions about. There are many solutions for accessorizing that do not include wearing a veil, and many different looks you can do with one! We will showcase other bridesmaid dresses accessories later (and wow are there SO many options!) but for now, lets look at the differnt ways of wearing a bridal veil:

1) With a blusher: A "blusher" is a second shorter layer in a veil that often covers the face during your walk down the aisle. It is a tradition that many brides love to incorporate into their big day! Many brides love the dramatic moment their groom pulls back their bride's veil for their first kiss as husband and wife.

2) Dramatic Length: Many brides want the dramatic look of a long train on their gown or a cathedral length veil, especially for their pictures. A beautiful veil like Bel Fiore Bride Abbigale's here is PERFECT for creating the look of a lace train with a simpler gown that might lack one, plus you can take it off the after the ceremony with no hassle and enjoy your reception without having to bustle up a heavy train!

3) Short and Sweet: A favorite trend for weddings right now is a fingertip length single layer veil. It is a great look that takes the tradition of the a line wedding dresses veil and gives it a modern twist. It can be worn just during the ceremony or for the reception as well since it is not hanging below your feet making it hard to dance! We LOVE fingertip length veils, especially with a fitted gown like Bel Fiore Bride Morgan's below. It hits in just the right places helping accent the hourglass shape a fitted gown gives!

Whether or not to wear a veil or how to accessorize your gown is up to you, but if you are wondering how these options look on you make sure to schedule an appointment here at Bel Fiore where our expert stylists can guide you through every style and help find what is the most "You!"

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